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  • Snowshoeing Trails & Events Near Chama, New Mexico

    Taking advantage of a foot of powder, we snowshoed under a clear, blue sky in the small town of Chama, New Mexico. Our snowshoeing location of choice was Edward Sargent Wildlife Area, only a 5-minute drive north of Chama. We were practically alone aside from a few snowshoers far in …
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  • senior snowshoeing

    Snowshoeing For Seniors: Into Your 70’s and Beyond

    Hulda Crooks put on her 25-pound backpack and headed out in the early morning to climb Mt. Whitney, a mountain reaching 14,505 feet (4421 m). She had climbed it 23 times before. According to reports, Hulda also claimed many other mountains, including San Gorgonio Mountain, at 11,503 feet (3506 m). …
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  • Snowshoeing In the New York Empire State Winter Games

    For all of us winter lovers out there, the Winter Olympics are the perfect way to celebrate winter recreation, athletes, and the season. However, why wait for the Olympic Winter Games in 2022 when you can experience an Olympic-style event right now in 2020. Recognized by the United States Olympic …
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  • Snowshoeing Clubs

    Are you part of a snowshoe club in your state or country? Would you like to start a snowshoe club in your area? Do you want to find a club near you? Snowshoe Magazine wants to help grow the snowshoe clubs of the world.
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