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  • Lake Minnestimma, Alberta

    Snowshoeing To Lake Minnestimma, Alberta, Canada

    Waking up at 3:30 AM in Calgary, we had big plans to catch a sunrise overlooking Lake Minnestimma. The drive from Calgary took us about two hours. We found ourselves parked in the dark at Lake Moraine just before six – giving us roughly two hours before sunrise. Stepping into …
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  • Paxis Twin Lakes Backpack: For The Photographer

    Have you ever been repeatedly frustrated with having to put down your pack to access gear? The Paxis Twin Lakes backpack has a remedy for that problem. The Paxis pack comes with a hinged and padded shuttle pod attached to the bottom of the backpack. By releasing the T lever, …
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  • woman running in the snow

    7 Exercises You Can Do To Support Your Snowshoeing

    Depending on where you live—or where you are traveling to—you may have already been graced with the first snowfall of the year! To ensure that you can enjoy your snowshoeing adventures as long as possible, you will need to stay on top of your stretches and supportive exercises. Supportive exercises …
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  • senior snowshoeing

    Snowshoeing For Seniors: Into Your 70’s and Beyond

    Hulda Crooks put on her 25-pound backpack and headed out in the early morning to climb Mt. Whitney, a mountain reaching 14,505 feet (4421 m). She had climbed it 23 times before. According to reports, Hulda also claimed many other mountains, including San Gorgonio Mountain, at 11,503 feet (3506 m). …
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  • Snowshoeing Clubs

    Are you part of a snowshoe club in your state or country? Would you like to start a snowshoe club in your area? Do you want to find a club near you? Snowshoe Magazine wants to help grow the snowshoe clubs of the world.
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