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Redfeather has innovated their USA-made snowshoe designs, such as the V-tail, women’s, and kid-specific models, over the last 35 years. Owned by the non-profit organization ORC Industries, Redfeather continues to give back to their communities. For example, to keep kids and adults moving in the winter, they developed their School Fitness Program, for all to enjoy the benefit of snowshoeing.

We can expect even more from Redfeather moving forward, as they are no longer just a snowshoe company. With a new name and design, Redfeather Outdoors, outdoor enthusiasts of all varieties can enjoy their updated product line. While water lovers can utilize one of their canoes to explore this spring, snowshoers can look forward to the launch of new, unique snowshoe designs next season.

To learn more about the exciting changes at this long-time snowshoe favorite, we spoke with Redfeather Outdoors’ Director of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Vittone, about what to expect this year.

canoe sitting on the shore of a lake

Snowshoers can look forward to an expanded product line from Redfeather to continue the fun in the off season, including the Redfeather canoe. Photo: Redfeather Outdoors

What does the recent transition to Redfeather Outdoors mean for snowshoers?

AV: We recently launched our line of Redfeather canoes (formerly known as Bell Canoe) so it made sense to us to rebrand as Redfeather Outdoors. What this means for snowshoers is that they can look forward to high-quality outdoor gear for all seasons, not just winter. What has stayed the same is that we still make our snowshoes right here in La Crosse, WI! We are excited to release our unique designs for next season’s snowshoe line, unlike anything snowshoers have seen before. We have invested in equipment that allows us to build a unique look and even a custom offering for those interested in a co-branded opportunity.

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side by side product photos of Redfeather Trek Snowshoe

L: A preview of the updated designs coming next season, including the new look for the Redfeather Trek snowshoe. R: The Redfeather Trek current design. Photos: Redfeather Outdoors

What new products are in the works, and which one are you most excited about?

AV: [In addition to our current snowshoe selection], we have a new composite snowshoe that has been in the design/development phase for the last year. We produced prototypes this winter and are looking forward to launching that next season! [Since] we recently launched our Redfeather canoes brand, it took a great deal of planning and preparation, which has paid off and has been a rewarding process for us. We are very excited to be able to produce lightweight canoes of the highest quality made at our headquarters in La Crosse, Wisconsin. More exciting products we have been working on include a new 2-person tent and dry bags. These will be further out, but we can guarantee they will be quality made in the USA products.

With the addition of water sports products, how do you see that complimenting the other aspects of your brand?

AV: Here at Redfeather, we are passionate about the outdoors and believe in the benefits of recreation. This addition allows us to be more than just a snowshoe company. Many of those who snowshoe in the winter also paddle, hike, and camp in the summer. It allows us to be a more complete outdoor company and share the products that bring us joy.

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factory with canoes

Lightweight and high-quality canoes are now produced at Redfeather’s factory in LaCrosse, WI! Photo: Redfeather Outdoors

What can we expect from Redfeather Outdoors in the future?

AV: We see Redfeather Outdoors becoming a top name in the outdoor goods market. We are proud to be making incredible gear right here in the USA, and we enjoy the products just as much as our customers. We are very excited about the new opportunities available with custom snowshoes. This option, along with a refreshed line of visually appealing designs, will provide a unique way for snowshoers to express themselves on the trails or in the backcountry. Redfeather canoes are just getting off the ground, but there is a lot of excitement around the revival of Bell Canoe. You can expect to find us out in the woods or on the water and everywhere in between.

What other information should we know about Redfeather Outdoors?

AV: Redfeather Outdoors is a subsidiary of ORC Industries, a 501(c) nonprofit organization that employs people with disabilities. Every time you buy a pair of Redfeather snowshoes, a canoe, and a tarp or tent, you are helping ORC achieve its mission to “advance the independence, productivity, and self-sufficiency of people with disabilities through employment opportunities.”

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woman assembling a snowshoe

In addition to their snowshoes being made in the U.S., Redfeather is owned by non-profit ORC Industries. Photo: Redfeather Outdoors

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