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Snowshoe Magazine, established in November 2003, celebrates the sport of snowshoeing and those who participate in the sport. We are proud to be the industry’s leading venue for world-class snowshoeing destination coverage, technical tips for snowshoers of all levels, nutrition information for fitness enthusiasts, environmental advocacy, equipment and gear reviews, and much more.

Snowshoe Magazine is an online publication that provides original content and information to a worldwide community of snowshoers. Known as the fastest-growing winter sport in the United States, snowshoeing is quickly on its way to becoming an Olympic sport. First-time snowshoers, backcountry hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, competitive runners, and members of the industry are all part of the Snowshoe Mag audience.

Our Content

Readers look to Snowshoe Magazine as the authentic source of snowshoeing information and inspiration. Contributors and guest posts have a high expectation set for them. We encourage articles that include in-depth research, quotes, and talented writing.


If interested in becoming a regular contributor, please complete the Snowshoe Mag Contributor Application. Please be sure to read several articles from to familiarize yourself with the voice and content of the magazine before submitting an application.

Our editor will respond to all applications within 30 days. If your application is approved, a copy of our Contributor Guidelines will be sent to you. These guidelines include detailed information regarding article terms and payment options. Typically, we purchase first rights.

Guest Posts

We can accept guest posts, but the topic must be connecting to the sport of snowshoeing in some way. Therefore, please do not send pitches for topics not related to our niche.

Also, be specific in your pitch. What is the title of your proposed post? How does it relate to our content and our readers? Why is the topic important?  We cannot accept general pitches for content.

Snowshoe Magazine is not responsible for unsolicited submissions. All submissions are subject to Snowshoe Magazine’s rates, terms, and conditions. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

Note for New Contributors

We love working with new writers and those who are looking for more experience. However, we expect a sense and overall familiarization of the snowshoeing sport. While that doesn’t mean you should be snowshoeing at all times, it’s more for your edge as a contributor.

Therefore, if you haven’t snowshoed or have no relative idea of what the industry is about, go try it! Rent a pair of snowshoes, take a plunge in the snow, and do some Internet research.

We’re flexible, but we’re also realistic. Keep our audience in mind. Make your premise apparent when you are writing an article that you feel is best suited for the first-time snowshoer. As a result, you’ll communicate with our readers in the best way possible. They are a great group that has yearned for a publication like this for a long time.

We are looking for contributors who are eager to help people get off their couches, get in some snowshoes and get outside. Also, we require patience and professionalism as we continue to grow and expand our territories and business.

For this reason, we provide content all year, no matter the season due to a worldwide following of northern and southern hemisphere snowshoers. In the off-season, if applicable, we have published articles on trail running, adventure racing, trekking, backpacking, hiking, and other activities that keep people interested in the outdoors.

Message from the Publisher:

“Our content needs are diverse but also very broad – as long as it pertains to snowshoeing in some way. We tend to focus our content on health/fitness, destinations, competitive racing, advocacy (protection of the environment and open space), equipment (other than snowshoes) and any personal experience story is well received. [Snowshoe Magzine is] looking for writers from the following regions of the United States: Northeast Region, North Central Region, Rocky Mountain Region, Western Region, and Alaska. We are also looking for writers internationally, including Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Asia.”

Thank you for your interest in Snowshoe Magazine.