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Snowshoe Magazine, established in Nov 2003, is the only publication that focuses entirely on the sport of snowshoeing. Readers look to Snowshoe Magazine as the authentic source of snowshoeing information and inspiration. Therefore, we encourage articles that include in-depth research, quotes, and talented writing.

We are proud to be the industry’s leading venue for world-class snowshoeing coverage, including snowshoeing destinations around the globe, tips for snowshoers of all levels, health-related recommendations, environmental advocacy, snowshoer, and industry spotlights, gear reviews, and much more. If it’s related to snowshoeing, we want to cover it!

As a guest author, Snowshoe Magazine provides the opportunity to reach a very niche audience that includes all levels of snowshoers and outdoor enthusiasts. The 2020- 2021 season has seen a huge growth in our audience, with an average of 93,000 page views per month.  In turn, we link to your website and social media accounts in the guest post to boost your SEO and traffic.

Note: We ask that all guest authors have a familiarity with or experience snowshoeing as we are looking for authors who can share their expertise while connecting with our audience. We do not accept guest post requests from websites that do not relate to the interests of our audience, namely the outdoors and outdoor lifestyle.

Submission Guidelines & Application

All articles must be original. Please do not submit articles published on other media outlets or websites.

Also, please keep our audience in mind with your article submissions. Make your premise apparent when you are writing an article that you feel is best suited for first-time or more advanced snowshoers. As a result, you’ll communicate with our readers in the best way possible. 🙂

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Snowshoe Magazine! You will be notified within 30 days via email if we would like to feature your submission or have any additional questions.

Please share 2-5 sentences about yourself to be used in your author bio.
List article titles you're interested in contributing, along with a short description or outline of the article content.
Provide a link to a sample of your writing. Your sample can include a published work, a portfolio, or your website.
Please note: Your own photos are always preferred. For destination and gear articles, you MUST include at least 1 of your own photos of the destination or product.
If you chose that you have your own full rights photos in the question above, provide a link (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) to a minimum of 1 high res sample image. Please do not reduce the file size of your image. Do not include images here that are not yours or have been sourced from the internet.

Snowshoe Magazine is not responsible for unsolicited submissions. All submissions are subject to Snowshoe Magazine’s rates, terms, and conditions.

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