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Snowshoe Magazine is the only worldwide publication that focuses completely on the sport of snowshoeing. The magazine was founded in 2003 by Ryan Alford and in 2015 it was sold to the current owners, Paul and Susan Wowk. Susan also currently serves as the lead editor and a regular contributor to the publication.

Based in Northern Colorado, Paul and Susan have always been winter lovers but were newbies to the sport of snowshoeing upon the initial purchase of the magazine. Over the years, they have become true snowshoeing enthusiasts and their love of the sport only continues to grow. Along with the amazing writers who contribute to the publication (also snowshoe lovers), Snowshoe Mag strives to share the joys of snowshoeing and inspire others around the world to experience the sport!

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and support individuals of all ages, abilities, and identities to participate in the sport of snowshoeing and explore the outdoors in the winter season. In addition, we strive to be a resource to the snowshoeing industry to further promote the sport through our editorial excellence.

owners of Snowshoe Mag snowshoeing in Breckenridge Colorado

Paul and Susan Wowk snowshoeing and enjoying the scenery in Breckenridge, Colorado.

What You’ll Find At Snowshoe Mag

We truly believe that snowshoeing is for everybody. Thus, articles on our site appeal to beginners and first-timers, people looking for recreational options, elite athletes, and everybody in between. If you enjoy snowshoeing or want to see what it has to offer, this site is for you! Here’s some of what you might find while you’re here:

Destinations – Explore stories featuring trails, resorts, Nordic Centers, and open spaces that offer snowshoeing opportunities.

The Ultimate Guide To Snowshoeing In Grand County, Colorado
A Winter Explorer’s Guide To The Best of Banff National Park
A Snowshoeing Destination Guide For Red Lodge, Montana

Tips & Tricks – Learn how to snowshoe, what to bring, safety tips, and ways to spice up your snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing For Beginners: The First-Timer’s Guide
Why All Snowshoers Should Be Avalanche Aware (Even Beginners)
5 Things To Do With Your Snowshoes That Aren’t (Exactly) Snowshoeing

Snowshoe racing – Love running and/or racing? Try it on snowshoes! Discover racing features, along with how-tos to get started or increase your endurance.

Run Rabbit Run: Transition From Running To Snowshoe Racing
6 Solutions For The Dreaded Lean: A Word To Senior Athletes
Snowshoeing In The New York Empire State Winter Games

Inspiration –  Books, movies, music, journaling, and snowshoer stories to give you the inspiration you need for all your adventures!

Your Brain On Nature: A Book Review of The Nature Fix
One Company Empowers Large-Bodied Snowshoers Through Size-Inclusive Practices
Snowshoe and Winter Journaling: Why and How To Keep an Outdoor Journal

Gear guides – Looking for new gear? To start, check out a few of the gear guides below, highlighting gear of leading manufacturers and niche snowshoeing gear!

Four Kinds Of Snowshoes For Big People & Heavy Loads
Start ’em Young! Snowshoes For Kids Two-To-Teens
Redfeather Gear Guide

Gear reviews – Before purchasing new gear, read the experiences of our staff who have tested snowshoes, poles, winter clothing, and accessories.

Can’t find what you’re looking for on our site? If you’d like to request a post, or if you have feedback on the current content, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us.

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