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Snowshoe Mag is a family-owned publication with content created by true snowshoeing lovers. Paul and Susan Wowk, current owners, purchased the magazine in 2015 from Ryan Alford, who founded it in late 2003 and began the online publication in January 2004. As the only publication focused on snowshoeing and with over 2,600 articles, we share the joys of the sport with other enthusiasts and industry leaders around the world!


The mission of Snowshoe Mag is to inspire and support individuals to participate in the sport of snowshoeing and explore the outdoors in the winter season. Also, we strive to be a resource to the snowshoeing industry to further promote the sport through our editorial excellence.

Snowshoe Magazine advertising: Paul and Susan Wowk, owners of the mag

Paul and Susan Wowk are having fun while snowshoeing after the 2019 USSSA Nationals in Cable, Wisconsin.


Based on a Snowshoe Mag survey sent to our newsletter subscribers during fall 2019, 64% of readers snowshoe more than five times a season. Also, the top reasons our readers go snowshoeing are to appreciate nature, to have fun, and to maintain or improve fitness.

Demographics, as of Jan 12, 2021, include:

  • 45% of readers are females, and 55% of readers are males
  • 66% of our audience lives in the United States, 27% live in Canada
  • Almost a third is between ages 25-34, followed by roughly equal representation of those 35-64 (graphed below)


Snowshoe Magazine advertising: pie chart showing ages of audience


Snowshoe Mag is currently a digital-only publication that creates content all year for both northern and southern hemisphere snowshoers. However, the majority of our visitors are seen during the northern hemisphere snowshoeing season, which on average, spans from Oct 1- Mar 31.

Please note that our readership has seen a dramatic increase (almost 3x) from 2019 Q4 to 2020 Q4.

Snowshoe Season Stats

2021 Q1 Stats (Jan 1 – Mar 31)

Unique Pageviews: 330,000 or 110,000/month
Average Time on Page: 4:43
Total Users: 243,300 or 81,100/month

2020 Q4 Stats (Oct 1 – Dec 31)

Total Pageviews: 280,000 or 93,000/month
Unique Pageviews: 245,800 or 82,000/month
Average Time on Page: 4:14
Total Users: 177,000 or 59,000/month

2019 Q4 Stats (Oct 1 – Dec 31)

Total Pageviews: 102,000 or 34,000/month
Unique Pageviews: 89,700 or 29,900/month
Avg Time on Page: 3:34
Total Users: 65,500 or 21,800/month

Full-Year Stats

2020 Yearly Stats (Jan 1- Dec 31)

Total Pageviews: 480,000 or 40,000/month
Unique Pageviews: 420,000 or 35,000/month
Avg Time on Page: 4:05
Total Users: 306,000 or 25,500/month

Social Media & Email

Updated Jan 12, 2021

Sister Publication

Initially created to support snowshoers in the off-season, our sister publication, River Sports Magazine, focuses on the top 5 major river sports: kayaking, canoeing, rafting, fishing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

Now, a growing publication, it shares similar characteristics to Snowshoe Maga in its audience. As such, we can tailor advertising to reach both the Snowshoe Magazine and River Sports audience if desired.

Snowshoe Magazine advertising: River Sports homepage


We can tailor all advertising to meet your needs. So, please feel free to let us know your interests. Below are a few examples of content and campaigns.

Banner Advertising With Snowshoe Magazine

Display your ads throughout our site and in our newsletter to reach a new community of customers.

Ads are displayed on the homepage and all posts and pages (728 x 90 and 300 x 250). Also, ads must be JPG, or GIF format and size should not exceed 75 KB. Only static images can be displayed in the newsletter.

Ads can be linked to any page of your choosing and can be rotating or static.

Snowshoe Magazine advertising: example of display ads on post page

Exclusive Newsletter

Reach 5,000 newsletter subscribers or target a segment with an exclusive newsletter devoted to your product or service. The newsletter will be tailored to meet your needs and can include copy and static images. Choose to feature new releases, events, sales, or content of your choosing. If desired, the content may also include Snowshoe Mag articles featuring your brand.

Exclusive Newsletter Example


Do you have a tour, product, or accommodation that you would like us to review? Our staff can complete a thorough review and then compile a report for readers. On-site reviews are dependent on staff availability. We cannot accept paid reviews. For any review, articles express the writer’s own honest opinion of the topic.

Native Ads

Feature your brand in an article written by the Snowshoe Mag team. The content created is owned by your brand and will be shared on Snowshoe Mag social media and in the newsletter. 

Example Native Ad

Custom Guides

As part of the Snowshoe Magazine advertising options, our staff can create a guide featuring your gear, accommodation, or service, making your services and products more visible to the Snowshoe Mag audience.

Snowshoe Clinic (New!)

Snowshoe Mag staff can host a snowshoe training and guided outing (if desired) for your resort, ranch, or organization. The clinic is designed for brands interested in starting a snowshoe program. However, it can be tailored and applied to meet your needs.

Learn the basics of snowshoeing and the needs of the snowshoer. Also, try out different brands and styles of ‘shoes (based on availability) to help you choose what is best for your customers.

Social Media Spotlight

Share your products, services, or events on Snowshoe Mag social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). Schedule the post based on your needs and interest. Also, we can use predetermined hashtags to promote your brand.

Redfeather Facebook post

Contests & Reader Giveaways

Gain new customers with a giveaway to Snowshoe Mag readers. Giveaways can apply to specific social media, through our website, or other preferred means of promotion and entry.

Also, each spring, Snowshoe Mag celebrates the sport of snowshoeing with a reader photo contest. Thus, we accept giveaways as prizes for the winners of the contest.

We’d also love to partner and host a giveaway or contest together!

2021 Snowshoe Mag Photo Competition

snowy landscape with cloud above and sun shining through

1st place winner in the 2020 Photo Competition. Photo entered by dthatcher

Advertise With Snowshoe Magazine

We can craft custom packages based on your needs, timelines, and budget. So, packages vary in price depending on scope and schedule. Also, we have worked with affiliate partners that we believe will benefit readers, noted in our affiliate disclosure.

For more info on advertising with Snowshoe Magazine, view our Media Kit or contact Susan Wowk at

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