Snowshoes Designed For Everyone: Find Your Match With Redfeather

One of the best aspects of snowshoeing is our ability to make it our own. Every snowshoer is different – different interests, sizes, and needs. We can go with our family or friends and decide on the type of outing we want. But, how do we find the right snowshoes for each member of our family or group?

Both on and off the snow, Redfeather Snowshoes, located in La Crosse, WI, truly exemplifies that their snowshoes are designed for everyone and by everyone (75% of their workforce are individuals with disabilities).

Catering to all types of snowshoers, Redfeather Snowshoes was the first company to create a snowshoe specifically for women, kids, and runners, among other achievements.

So, without further ado, here are a few options for every snowshoer.

Snowshoes For Beginners

If you’re looking for a snowshoe outing on some flat or rolling terrain, the Redfeather Hike is for you. This snowshoe is great for the beginner or the enthusiast looking for a lighter hike to relieve the day’s stress.

The Hike snowshoe is available in men’s and women’s sizes, with a wide range of lengths (22″, 25″, 30″, 36″) to accommodate multiple body types and gear loads. In powder, or soft, fluffy snow, the 36″ can accommodate 225+ lbs (102+ kg). If you’re snowshoeing in more packed conditions (you won’t sink deeply in the snow), you can use the Hike even if you are over the weight recommendation.  See the complete sizing chart for additional guidance.

You can also get the Hike in a set, including the snowshoes, poles, and a tote.

new design of Redfeather Hike recreational snowshoe

The Hike features a new design for the 2020-2021 season! Photo: Redfeather

Snowshoes For Climbing & Mountaineering

Are you a snowshoer that likes steep climbs? These snowshoes have you or your family member covered.


The Alpine has a v-tail design and crampons and traction needed to grip the ice on snow while ascending and descending. You can also put up the heel lift while climbing if you need some relief in your calves.

The Alpine is available in 25″, 30″, and 35″. Similar to the 36″ in the Hike, the 35″ of the Alpine can support 220+ lbs (100+ kg), including gear. The weight recommendations are more flexible if snowshoeing in the snow where you won’t sink deeply.

Redfeather Alpine snowshoe

The heel lift on the Alpine is beneficial for relieving calf muscles on steep climbs. Photo: Redfeather


Like the Alpine, the Pace has a v-tail design with front and rear crampons for traction. This snowshoe is about 1 inch narrower than the men’s designs to accommodate a narrower stride.

Choose from three different sizes: 21″, 25″, and 30″. In soft powder, the 21″ can accommodate up to 125 lbs (57 kg), whereas the 30″ can accommodate up to 200 lbs (90 kg). Packed conditions or conditions where you won’t sink deeply allow for more flexibility in the weight recommendations.

Redfeather Women's Pace snowshoe

The Pace snowshoe is an option for those steep climbs. It’s built specifically for a narrower gait. Photo: Redfeather

Snowshoes For Running

Are you an avid runner or snowshoe racer? Running snowshoes, including the Vapor, are shorter and narrower than your average ‘shoe. Redfeather’s v-tail design (also part of their technical snowshoes) also allows for mobility and speed on the snow.

This ‘shoe comes with a cross-country binding that’s made to fit running shoes and lock the foot without creating cinch points. Or, if you prefer, you can use the Thunderbolt direct shoe mount instead of the binding.

Redfeather Vapor running snowshoes gold color

The Vapor has an updated logo and color for the 2020-2021 season! Photo: Redfeather

Snowshoes For Kids

Let’s not forget about snowshoes for the younger ones in the family. There are snowshoe options available for toddlers up through teenagers.

In fact, Redfeather Snowshoes even offer a school program designed to get kids out in the winter.

Older Children & Teens

For those in the family who are not quite at men’s and women’s sizes yet (under 125 lbs / 57 kg), the Y2 is an excellent option. Built with the same features as Redfeather’s adult snowshoes, this ‘shoe provides the same secure binding and traction, but in a smaller size.

The Y2 is available in one size and accommodates up to 125 lbs (57 kg) with gear. As a reminder, this weight recommendation is for soft powder. If snowshoeing in packed conditions, there is more flexibility in the weight recommendations.

Redfeather Y2 snowshoes blue color

The new design of the Y2 youth snowshoes! Photo: Redfeather

Young Children

The Elf snowshoe features traction for grip in the snow but with a flexible and secure binding that’s easier to use.  The Elf has a round tail design (like the Hike), perfect for recreational outings.

This snowshoe can accommodate up to 80 lbs (36 kg) with gear.

Redfeather Snowshoes Elf youth snowshoes

The Elf snowshoe is perfect for kids up to 80 pounds. Photo: Redfeather


For the smallest members of your family, the Flashtrax and the Snowpaw are a fun way to experience snowshoeing for the very first time. These snowshoes get your little one exploring with you while having fun in packed conditions and flat terrain.

Redfeather snowpaw youth snowshoes

The Snowpaws allow your child to have fun with you on the snow. Photo: Redfeather

Go Out & Snowshoe

Overall, Redfeather Snowshoes really do offer snowshoes for everyone, including all members of the family. Whether you enjoy casual outings, steep trails, running, and no matter your size, there is a snowshoe for you!

For a complete list of snowshoes and accessories, check out the Redfeather Gear Guide.

What are some of your favorite Redfeather snowshoes? Please let us know in the comments below.

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