Give Your Soles Soul with SOLE Footbeds

In financial markets, when deciding if current market indicators reflect the bottom or that a lower low may come, one investigates what makes up that current number. When doing so, an investor works to decide if this is the heart–the base of the low–where markets turn and go the other way. Of course, there’s no bell ringing when that happens, but if you’ve done your homework and with some luck, you’ve likely found the pulse, the foundation of the next bull market.

Same thing here. Think of feet defining your low. No other body parts get closer to the earth if you are standing erect, running, snowshoeing, or a myriad of different sports. Taking care of that moving foundation is a lifetime challenge, notably if you, as an athlete, cover distances on snow, roads, track, or trails. Give your foot soles some love and respect from all your soul by choosing SOLE Footbeds for your insole. Your finishes and position could all be higher now.

SOLE insoles sitting on rock near pool

Give your foot soles some love and respect from all your soul by choosing SOLE Footbeds for cushioning, support, options for all, and sustainability. Photo: UltraSuperior Media

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Choosing SOLE Insoles

Here are a few reasons that, during our review, SOLE insoles stood out to us.

Cushioning for Pain Relief

“I need more cushioning; I need less cushioning.” SOLE specializes in helping to alleviate numerous conditions, including plantar fasciitis, supination, metatarsalgia, pronation, arthritis, back pain, flat feet, and probably some other words we can’t pronounce. Oh, and add swollen feet to that list. Kindly note that my arches remind me when I do not support them, particularly the right arch. That info comes from a foot swelling in my shoe. Hello, anybody in there?

Adding SOLE insole as my footbed dissipated my swelling as a sign of appreciation that I acted wisely in my review. I did not self-mold the footbeds using a microwave, which is an option. Perhaps molding them to your needs as an alternative will help you solve your issue quicker.

However, the pads will form themselves just by wearing them, but the microwave moves everything fast forward. No matter your needs, SOLE provides an assortment of beds that will tingle your toes. Plus, they guarantee “the perfect amount of support exactly where you need it” with their 90-day comfort guarantee. So, relax; you’ll get what you need.

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blue flippers next to blue running shoes with blue insoles next to the water

The cushioning provided can support a variety of pain relief from foot conditions and swelling. Photo: UltraSuperior Media

Cork Hieroglyphic Support

The cork seemed to offer hieroglyphics and support when looking at all the twists and turns the markings go below the foot deck. Secret inscriptions for your feet? Nope. SOLE explained, “Our insoles also feature a density-mapped base that allows them to flex with your foot’s natural motion while retaining superior arch support. The result is a footbed that supports your feet without interfering with your natural biomechanics.”

Select SOLE footbeds feature a Metatarsal pad which also offers relief from Morton’s neuroma, a condition flared by tight shoes or high heels. Compressing nerves in one’s feet torque them off and said nerves make you suffer in the balls of your feet or perhaps toes.

In addition, the company says, “The SOLE Signature Supportive Shape is clinically proven to reduce plantar fascia strain by up to a third, helping your feet carry their load. The combination of a deep heel cup and SOLE’s signature arch support help to eliminate pain, reduce fatigue and prevent injury.”

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side by side: cork insoles and SOLE insole

L: The hieroglyphics in the cork SOLE. R: Big SOLE Arch, blue covers with full cork bottoms Photos: UltraSuperior Media

Sole Brothers

“I have cycling shoes, cleats, and ski boots.” Great, SOLE offers thin footbeds for just these types of shoes. Plus, you can extend that list to casual or dress shoes, flats, and other low-profile shoes. So you no longer need to worry about the footpads filling all the room in your shoes.

“What about my tennis and basketball shoes?” Use their medium footbeds with 1.6mm Softec cushioning. That’s easy enough, correct?

“I need thick and wider footpads than I find elsewhere for hiking boots, winter boots, work boots, and running shoes. Where do I go?” To your SOLE brother, of course. With 3.2mm of Softec cushioning, your feet will appreciate the solace you provide them. As we discovered in our review, SOLE’s insoles won’t suddenly start sending pain signals to your brain like you may get now, causing you to slow down, meltdown, or both.

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SOLE offers footbeds for a wide variety of shoes. Here, a sun tanning SOLE. Photo: UltraSuperior Media


SOLE and its insoles are involved in various sustainability initiatives, and it’s evident in the products we learned of throughout our review. Here are a few examples.

You’re worried about wearing foam-based footbeds that use fossil fuels? Stick a cork in it . . . as SOLE does with their recycled cork as a sustainable replacement that’s carbon-negative.

Their snazzy high-performance foam sandals use Bloom Algae Foam, which aids in reducing the use of fossil fuels plus helps you by lowering foot impact. Further, harvesting these blooms balances ecosystems.

The company includes Thinsulate™ for insulated footbeds, particularly of interest to snowshoers, all skiers, and snow runners. Find Insulated Ultra, Insulated Response, and Signature CD Thin models.

Discover a limited edition of the Chukka shoe that features climate-conscious shopping. They are among a few who provide a measure in the program. “The Jasper Chukka was created to show that anything synthetics can do, nature can do more sustainably. This limited-edition shoe is made in collaboration with impact-driven apparel brand United by Blue. Cozy but breathable, temperature-regulating, lightweight, and cushioning, the Jasper Chukka is perfect for everyday urban wear, casual adventures, après skiing, and camping. It even packs flat for convenient travel.”

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sole insole footbeds sitting on top of water

In addition to the sustainability initiatives, SOLEs also float in water. Photo: UltraSuperior Media

Only Yours

SOLE offers a unique “Made For You” ordering system. They describe: “Made for You is a preordering system that allows us to more accurately forecast demand on products, cutting down on waste and helping to fund the production of the products. It also offers a discount to our customers. We win, you win, the planet wins.”

In addition, their Reserve Preorder may interest you: “Reserve Preorder allows you to preorder product from our most recent or current production run. With Reserve Preorder, you can be sure to claim your SOLE product before it’s even arrived in our warehouse.”

But which model should you choose? Don’t ask me . . . ask them in their Footbed Finder feature. Click, and there stands your top choice(s). After a set of pertinent questions, your final choice will ask if you want “Met Pad Support.” The Metatarsal pads (see above Cork Hieroglyphics) work well for pain in the forefoot or ball of your foot.

Treat Your Soles’ Soul

Overall, after more than two decades of providing these styles and offerings, SOLE offers unique adds to its products. You’ll find various cushion and support options, a conscious effort to alleviate foot conditions, and a focus on sustainability, all of which help meet their SOLE Goal for you.

Have you tried SOLE Footbeds as your insole, and what is your review? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

The writer was not monetarily compensated by SOLE for this article and supplied two pairs of specific SOLE products to test. The Hoka Trail Shoes were purchased new independently by the writer at Run’ N Fun, Burnsville, Minnesota, from Joan, a regular genius on trail and running shoes. This is the writer’s third pair of this specific Hoka One One Stinson ATR 6 category.

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