Snowshoeing Gear Favorites

Our gear favorites include the gear that we most recommend for the snowshoe trails. We independently select these products, and in many cases, are our staff’s go-tos for their outdoor adventures. This page will be updated often, so please check back for our new additions. In addition, we hope that these products provide some inspiration for your own go-to gear!

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Ridge Merino Women's High Aspect Merino Wool Top

Ridge Merino Women’s Aspect High Neck Top

This top is a warm, comfortable, versatile baselayer option for snowshoers. The (m)Force Technology and fabric makeup lead to a base layer that is 50% more durable than similar merino fabric weights. Moreover, you still have all the benefits of Merino wool for protection on your snowshoe outing. It truly is one of our go-to baselayers!

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Sunday Afternoons Lodgepole Beanie

The Sunday Afternoons Lodgepole Beanie is well worth the price and an incredibly warm piece of gear for those frigid snowshoeing days. You’ll have the moisture-wicking, sun-resistant, insulating properties of the wool blend, with the fleece liner for extra warmth and no-itch.

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Wolverine boot review: Men ShiftPlus Polar Range Boa Winter Boot

Wolverine Men’s ShiftPlus Polar Range Boa Winter Boot

Wolverine’s ShiftPlus boots are particularly good for anybody who routinely snowshoes in freezing temperatures. The insulation, grip, comfortable soles, and easy Boa tightener make this a go-to. However, keep in mind to test these boots’ fit beforehand since they can be tight when getting on and off.

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Tread Labs Ramble insoles product photo

Tread Labs Ramble Insoles

The unique two-part design of Tread Labs’ insoles makes them a go-to for any consistent runner or racer. Customize them to your feet – arch height, firmness, and foot issue/use.  As one writer shares, “Your feet love you. When you don’t show that same respect back to them, they get offended…If humanly possible, [my] feet would delight in giving my behind a swift kick for not knowing Tread Labs many blue moons ago.”

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Atlas Apex Mountain Snowshoe

Atlas Apex MTN Snowshoes

These snowshoes are a go-to for versatility in terrain and snow conditions. When we don’t know what conditions to expect on or off the trail, the crampons and serrated edges provide grip, the Boa closure keeps our feet secure, and the floatation suffices. Moreover, these snowshoes are light for their versatility, making them a practical choice.

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MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes

MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe

The Lightning Ascents are one of the best technical snowshoes available. They provide the grip, foot security, and comfort needed for steep snowshoe outings where traction is critical. These snowshoes are on the heavier side. But we’re split on those who it matters to and those who it doesn’t. However, despite the extra weight, these are still my first choice for steep mountaineering adventures because of the safety and security they provide for my feet and my mind.

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product photo of 3-in-1 Splash Box from ECOlunchbox

ECOlunchbox Splash Box

The individual Splash Box is an excellent waste-free replacement for snowshoe snacks. As we reviewed, “The ethos behind ECOlunchbox and the sustainability of the products make me proud to contribute to the health of the planet. Plus, the product is so easy to use. It’s a simple way to add healthier and more delicious snacks and lunches to my current snowshoeing routine.”

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socks for snow: the Snow Junkie

SynchroKnit Snow Junkie Socks

Socks can be an underrated piece of gear, but it’s so important to find the right pair while snowshoeing. In our review, we noted that “The SynchroKnit Snow Junkie is perfect for those snowshoers who struggle with sock slippage. The SynchroKnit technology offers a superior fit compared to traditional socks with equal stitching. Plus, since the sock is a merino wool blend, the Snow Junkie is moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and temperature regulating.”

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Mystery Ranch Scree 32L backpack - green

Mystery Ranch Scree 32L Backpack

With a range of features, this pack has become our snowshoe favorite. The fit is comfortable and adjustable, and it’s straightforward to use. My favorite part is that snowshoe storage is quick and straightforward when the conditions change, and even with snowshoes strapped to the pack, you can access the gear you need for the day from the top of the pack.

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MSR DynaLock Explore Poles

One writer tested these poles while hiking a 14er and mentioned, “The poles were very useful on the hike down. Normally, the steep hike down takes a rather painful toll on my knees. The poles helped with [the toll on my knees] in that they helped me stabilize myself… In addition, the DynaLock on the poles made [extending] really easy by just unclipping the DynaLock system, extending the pole, and then re-clipping the DynaLock system. It takes only a few seconds.”

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Women's Weather Challenger 3-in-1 Jacket

L.L Bean Weather Challenger 3-in-1 Jacket

This jacket, available in both Men’s and Women’s, is a go-to for our outdoor adventures, snowshoeing or otherwise. The jacket combines a waterproof nylon shell outer layer with a 100% nylon Primaloft insulation mid-layer. Both pieces clip into each other if you want to wear them together, or they can each be worn independently. This system makes this jacket very versatile for a variety of weather conditions.

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product photo Mountain Hardwear Superstretch DS Down Jacket


Mountain Hardwear Super DS Sretchdown Hooded Jacket

This Mountain Hardwear jacket has been a staple for snowshoeing and winter wear for years. The stretchy material in this mid-layer moves with the body and provides durability. The Super DS Stretchdown has 700 fill goose down and an insulated hood for warmth.

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