Sunday Afternoons Lodgepole Beanie Review: A Go-To For Snowshoeing

The Lodgepole Beanie by Sunday Afternoons has changed my frigid snowshoe outings for the better. I’ve always loved wool beanies and hats for their natural insulation. But, the downside of wool is that it can be itchy. Each time I wear my wool beanie, my forehead stays warm, but I’m constantly messing with my hat. Now, after a review of the Sunday Afternoons Lodgepole Beanie, I’ve found a solution and new go-to for my snowshoeing outings.

Sunday Afternoons review: woman smiling while wearing beanie and sunglasses in winter

My Lodgepole Beanie is incredibly warm, comfortable, and doesn’t itch my forehead! Photo: Paul Wowk

The Materials

This beanie is made with a 60% wool and 40% acrylic blend, along with an insulating fleece liner. The combination of these fabrics is incredibly warm and ideal for cold days.

The addition of the fleece liner not only adds insulation but makes this hat itch-free. I haven’t had itching problems once with this beanie! I knew my wool beanie was tough on my forehead. However, I always just put up with it because, honestly, it was warm, and I was too lazy to find an alternative. But now that I have used the Sunday Afternoons Lodgepole Beanie, my forehead is still warm, but much happier.

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The Fit

The Sunday Afternoons Lodgepole Beanie has a mid-height crown, so it doesn’t sit too low or too high on your forehead. I have a tiny head, and even still, this beanie sits comfortably and firmly. I haven’t noticed any shifting and moving while I’m actively snowshoeing.

You can also wear this beanie underneath the hood from your mid or outer layer. Even with the decorative yarn pom on the top of the beanie, it will still fit snugly.

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woman standing in snow near river and rocks

The crown doesn’t sit too low or too high, even on my tiny head, so I still get to enjoy the snow. Photo: Paul Wowk

The Features

The Lodgepole Beanie has two braided tassels. You can tie these tassels together if you’d like for extra warmth around your chin. Tying them is especially helpful in windy conditions when the beanie or tassels may blow around as you snowshoe. Usually, I tie the tassels twice since I’ve found that one tie doesn’t tend to hold as well as I’d like.

Also, the tassels are braided tight enough that you don’t have to worry about them falling apart. A few of the wool hats that I own, which also have tassels, have started to unbraid over my years of wear. But so far, after several dozen winter hiking and snowshoe outings with the Lodgepole Beanie, the tassels are still in great condition and are tightly woven together.

If you do have any defects with your Lodgepole Beanie, though, Sunday Afternoons offers a lifetime guarantee and will repair or replace your hat for free.


The Sunday Afternoons Lodgepole Beanie is well worth the price and an incredibly warm piece of gear for those frigid snowshoeing days. You’ll have the moisture-wicking, sun-resistant, insulating properties of the wool blend, with the fleece liner for extra warmth and no-itch.

You can also use the braided tassels for extra coverage near your chin. Just remember, to keep your Lodgepole Beanie in tip-top shape, you’ll want to follow the care instructions carefully.

Now go out and enjoy your winter and snowshoeing adventures!

Would you use the Lodgepole Beanie? What is your review of this beanie and Sunday Afternoons? What are the features that you look for when choosing your hat or beanie for your snowshoe outings? Please share with us in the comments below.

Sunday Afternoons provided the Lodgepole Beanie for testing. As always, the opinions and experiences expressed in this article are entirely the author’s own.

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