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We all scream for practical, functional, colorful winter head fashion no matter what part of the world we play in. From the Swiss Alps to Mongolia and even Uzbekistan – cold countries across the map rely on Screamer Hats for fashion forward head warmth and trend setting.

From a Canadian gal’s perspective like myself, we Canucks are born and raised in a toque. A functional, fashionable and patriotic outdoor wardrobe staple designed to provide warmth in winter. “Keep your head warm, bundle up, don’t leave home without your hat” Mom was right and her words do in fact ring true long into one’s adult adventure time.  Keeping your noggin warm means increased clocked time spent outdoors and a decreased chance of experiencing the dreaded…cabin fever!

Low and behold, out of Seattle, Washington, Western Canada’s neighboring US major city breeds the largest, coolest hat line I have ever seen and now worn. Screamer Hats tap into every trend, every style, every sport, and every personality on the planet…and their catalogue is big enough to prove it.

The point I would like to make is that a hat is an outdoor adventurer’s necessity. Whether you’re shopping your favorite retail store, browsing online or buying from a catalogue – choosing which style and brand to go with in a sea of ‘toques’ can be overwhelming. Start with that which matters most – quality, material, comfort and style.

Choosing a singular hat from the Screamer website www.Screamer.com was impossible. Visually I wanted them all, so I narrowed it down to two. From the St. Moritz Collection, The women’s ‘Untamed’ in black and blue. First of all it looks and is actually handmade with 100 percent Acrylic. But it was the turquoise colorful loop yarn against black that really pops and caught my attention. The style is cozy and fun on the outside and functional, technical and warm on the inside. Any accessory or apparel with a full fleece lining and I’m sold, because nothing feels better against your skin and scalp than snuggly fleece. Some materials like wool make my head itch, which is why I love that Screamer staff obviously know the ins and outs of the hat industry and know what we all really want and need when we’re playing outdoors.

My second choice was the ‘Betsey’ women’s beanie. The urban slouch hat may have come and gone but I still love the look and feel of a ‘slouchy’ hat. There’s more material to cover your ears and neck. Plus – you get a little extra something something for urban coolness on the mountain or trail.

Here’s the thing. Classic outdoor gear is generally pretty conservative. When I’m snowshoeing, I clearly notice that trail style is not nearly as colorful as slope side style. But, things are changing and color and fun is a good thing, especially on your head. Whether you air on the conservative side, or you are like me and the crazier the better – Screamer Hats have something for everyone. From Men’s Earflaps, Trapper Hats, Basic Fleece and knit hats, neck gaiters and headbands – the categories and styles are endless. My son personally chose the ‘Sparks’ from the Funny Hat category. It’s got full face and neck coverage adorned in red and black flames. Perfect for a ‘too cool for school’ 6 year old blazing his own snowshoe trail behind mom and dad where warmth is really the only thing holding the entire family back from having to turn around and end early. The ‘Sparks’ hat has us covered for a good long distance family adventure.

From Bob and Doug to Jacques Cousteau – to Hollywood heart throbs and Olympic ceremony costumes. Hats do more than just hide a bad hair day; they ‘scream’ personality in a sea of white snow. Day or night, on or off the mountain – it’s time to bring some color and fun to your trail.

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