Your Winter Face Mask: The Cozy Noze Knows

Just don’t tell Lori Diemer to keep her nose out of other people’s business.

Without the inspiration of the Cozy Noze, coming to Lori while staring northwest over Lake Erie, the solution for masks that don’t fog glasses would not exist.

Don’t tell a winter photographer this can’t be done, particularly when a frigid outdoor shoot hits the schedule. How does it go? “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Yes, and she didn’t care to freeze her nose off either. Neither should we.

woman with camera wearing Cozy Nose

Lori Diemer, on a typical winter day, is doing photography with her Cozy Noze. Photo: Lori Diemer

How The Cozy Nose Works

Lori dreamed of this idea of a facial covering, also known in today’s culture as a mask, with a pinch-pad-wire over one’s nostrils. A mild press on the Sherpa fleece trim (for the Cozy Noze) seals the nose so warm air from the lungs does not escape upward to fog one’s glasses.

The nine-inch neck-warming feature of 100 percent polyester covers one of the most exposed areas for body heat to escape, the other being one’s brain. So, use your brain and wear headgear and order Cozy Noze to stay warm while enjoying where the heck you’re going; And not stepping off into a crevasse.

That fierce winter sun reflecting off the snow searing your eyes does not have to happen. Instead, goggles and sunglasses dare now be worn with comfort. Those days of having to fiddle with eyewear, whether prescription lenses or sport varieties, was so last century.

Haze and daze, fog, and rays, your fears are gone, gone, gone. Relax and enjoy your new face mask this winter. Who knows, you might see the future better.

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man wearing Cozy nose at ski resort

The Cozy Noze works for goggles or glasses. Photo: Phillip Gary Smith

Choose Your Look

While you’re at it, have fun with your choice of popular looks, 36 to be exact. All the way from Aztec to Paisley Floral, Blue Butterflies, Tie Dye Kitties, and a favorite of mine, Musical.

For your hunters, woodsmen, and woodswomen, Cozy Noze features two RealTree™ All-Purpose or Xtra Camo fleece varieties. That should find some real interest, too. Also, for those bearded cheeks, request a special size.

My daughters and sons-in-law can’t know this:  Santa plans to carry a Cozy Noze in his sleigh for their Christmas Holidays. I “noze” what they like.

You appreciate how easy cleaning Cozy Nozes and masks become. I cold-water wash mine, the Winter Pines with light gray trim, air fluff dry, then hang to dry. Plus, you can safely tumble dry on low.

Masks start at $10, Cozy Noze at $25. Visit Pickup is also available at 37491 Ocean Reef, Willoughby, Ohio 44094. That’s about 20 miles from Cleveland if you’re nearby.

Would you use a Cozy Noze as your winter face mask on your snowshoe adventures? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Cozy Noze supplied the author with the product for testing. As always, the views and opinions expressed in this article are entirely his own.

winter face mask: Cozy Noze logo and examples of styles

There are over 36 styles to choose from, including extra-sized Cozy Noze masks to fit beards. Photo: Cozy Noze

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    • There’s nothing more frustrating than having your glasses fog up with a mask. That’s a great idea to use ski goggles with ventilation holes! The nice thing about the Cozy Noze, too, is that since it seals up on the nose, it doesn’t fog up your glasses. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Roger! -Susan, Editor

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