Winter Canoeing, Trekking, and Hot Springs in Aomori, Japan

Far from the jam-packed streets and unceasing lights of Tokyo lies a region one could easily mistake for rural Alaska or Montana in winter. High mountain peaks stand over barely populated towns, ski resorts, small farms, valleys, lakes, rivers, and … Continue reading

Japanese Bonfire Festival and Snowshoeing on Mt. Gozu

One particular day, fate treated my wife and me to three adventures. After a spectacular snowshoe trek and hot bath, we saw a fantastic village festival. There were towering bonfires, salmon stew, a one-legged shoe-tossing competition, as well as near-naked … Continue reading

Test Your Snowshoes – 5 (Almost) Easy to Climb Mountain Peaks


Mountain climbing and backcountry snowshoeing are no longer activities reserved for those “crazy” types – it’s actually becoming more and more popular. There are various organizations and sports clubs that constantly introduce new people to mountain climbing and show … Continue reading

Exotic Snowshoeing in Nagano, Japan

If you’re seeking an exotic locale for a snowshoe vacation, Nagano, Japan, offers shockingly beautiful frozen waterfalls, hot springs in the snow, snow monkeys in hot springs, traditional and modern accommodations, food from heaven, and unrivaled views of the … Continue reading

Ascending Spiritual Mountains in Tottori, Japan

Discover a stunning world of remote mountains infused with thousands of years of Japanese spiritual beliefs when exploring barely-touristed Tottori Prefecture. The ancient shrines and temples, local myths, and hiking paths of Mt. Daisen and Mt. Mitoku revealed long … Continue reading

Snowshoeing on Israel’s Mount Hermon

Snowshoeing in Israel sounds like an oxymoron, but it is something that should be on every adventuresome traveler’s bucket list. Mount Hermon, in the northern reaches of this tiny Middle East country, offers plenty of snow from December through … Continue reading

Top 10 Snowshoe Adventures for Families

When you are looking for the perfect destination for a winter family getaway (that includes plenty of snowshoeing) there are so many options to consider. We have looked at hundreds of destinations and compiled a list of what we believe … Continue reading

Snowshoes and Monkeys

The cold creative hands of winter continually freeze, thaw, powder, and mold familiar landscapes into new terrains. A magical aspect of winter hiking is that conditions vary so starkly from day-to-day, even hour to hour, that returning to the same … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Bliss in Japan’s Myoko Highlands

The sparkling-white Myoko Highlands of Japan, called Myokokogen (妙高高原), richly deserve the same worldwide acclaim that the snowshoeing meccas of Banff, Alberta; Yosemite, California; and Leysin, Switzerland have garnered. This year, Myoko will host the 16th All Japan Mountain Snowshoeing … Continue reading

Celebrating the New Year on Snowshoes in Japan

In Japan, such firsts as the first dream, the first sunrise, and the first prayers at a shrine on New Year’s Day are very important. My Japanese wife and I eschew the traffic jams and crowded shrines by snowshoeing to … Continue reading