Post-holiday Outdoor Gear Essentials for Snowshoers

So, what gear made it into the backpacks of our gear reviewers after the holiday gift-giving surge? From traction gear to emergency gear, Snowshoe Magazine has a few recommendations from our reviewers and some readers.

STABILicers Original –

The STABILicers … Continue reading

Columbia’s Gathering Storm Glove Meets the Queen of Cold Hands

As a snowshoer and general outdoor enthusiast, I’ve always struggled to keep my hands warm and often it isn’t pretty. I have been known to wear so many layers of mittens that I can barely grip my poles. That was … Continue reading

Giving the Glad Hand to Ergodyne’s ProFlex Gloves

Your hand is constructed of 27 bones. Hurt one of them, they're all going to hurt you right back. But can't I use the gloves in my van down by the river?

Gear Review: Outdoor Research Northback Gloves

As far as I'm concerned, nothing ruins a good winter trip faster than a lousy set of gloves (except maybe leaky boots, but that's a story for another review). If they leave my fingers cold, or make my palms sweat, or make it tough to use my hands, I'm just not interested.

Gear Review: Columbia Majik Wands Gloves

In reality, there probably isn't much new technology out there to improve on the concept of the glove. Manufacturers got the whole wind protection, insulation formula down years ago.  But that isn't to say that the Majik Wands glove from Columbia doesn't do a great job of doing what gloves do best.

Gear Review: Marmot Andromeda Jacket and Gloves

One thing I love about Marmot's products is that they never underperform in a pinch.  Marmot makes tough, stylish outdoors wear and I never have been disappointed by what I review.  Recently, I had the chance to review my first jacket and glove combo: the Marmot Andromeda softshell jacket and softshell gloves.  This duo can be easily stored in a daypack and provide decent warmth during off-season snowshoe outings.  Although I wouldn't recommend the Andromeda jacket and gloves for cold, sub-zero snowshoeing, they're perfect for the more unpredictable fall and spring seasons.  

Gear Review: Ibex Kilometer Gloves

I once owned a pair of gloves – don't recall the brand name – that advertised to be the thinnest, warmest available.  They were made with wet suit material, which made them relatively thin and mildly warm.  What I didn't like about them was their inability to work with Velcro.  The wet suit material would stick to the Velcro and then slowly fray at the fingertips.  That sucks!  Although they were good gloves, I unknowingly gave them to a homeless man after misplacing them on the downtown bus.  Whoops.  I now have a new pair of gloves that are thin and warm AND work with Velcro: the Ibex Kilometer Gloves.  Sweet!

Gear Review: 180s Offers Versatile, Affordable Winter Gear

One major factor I forgot to consider when I started bicycle commuting this fall was the wind chill factor. Here in Southern Connecticut, winter may get started a little later than it does in the rest of New England, but as early as October, temperatures were well below freezing on my predawn commute. So, while I wait for some snow to play in, I at least have the chance to test and assemble a wardrobe for when the white stuff finally does arrive.

Gear Review: SportHill Pursuit II Top, Junior XC Pants, 3SP Gloves

I first tested my SportHill garb by going for a night's run; it was about 20 degrees and I was working up a sweat. I donned a Pursuit II Top, Junior XC Pants, and a pair of 3SP Gloves. I couldn't wait for the snow and my chance to use my SportHill outfit for some intense snowshoeing. A week later, I got my wish.