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Gear Review: 180s Offers Versatile, Affordable Winter Gear

One major factor I forgot to consider when I started bicycle commuting this fall was the wind chill factor. Here in Southern Connecticut, winter may get started a little later than it does in the rest of New England, but as early as October, temperatures were well below freezing on my predawn commute. So, while I wait for some snow to play in, I at least have the chance to test and assemble a wardrobe for when the white stuff finally does arrive.

Book Review: Performance Nutrition for Winter Sports

In her third book on sports nutrition, Monique Ryan focuses on a special breed- the winter athlete. Performance Nutrition for Winter Sports guides athletes through this demanding season and helps make managing their energy and recovery needs less of a challenge.

Snowshoeing’s Heritage Preserved

Snowshoe Magazine
Several of the men are wearing snowshoes, but there is one who waves them in the air instead. It's a strange thing to do with a pair of snowshoes, but it seems to be getting the job done anyway. They are Eskimos and they are corralling scores of reindeer into a circle of crudely hewn fencing, a practice known in Alaska as a "round-up."