Gear Review: Ibex Kilometer Gloves

I once owned a pair of gloves – don’t recall the brand name – that advertised to be the thinnest, warmest available.  They were made with wet suit material, which made them relatively thin and mildly warm.  What I didn’t like about them was their inability to work with Velcro.  The wet suit material would stick to the Velcro and then slowly fray at the fingertips.  That sucks!  Although they were good gloves, I unknowingly gave them to a homeless man after misplacing them on the downtown bus.  Whoops.  I now have a new pair of gloves that are thin and warm AND work with Velcro: the Ibex Kilometer Gloves.  Sweet!

I’m a bit of grump when it comes to gloves.  It’s rare to find a pair that keeps my digits warm while snowshoeing, especially in extreme temperatures.  Recently, Denver experienced some major, record-breaking cold weather.  It was a blistering -10F one Sunday afternoon.  Of course, I had to go snowshoeing to test some gear.

The Kilometers are thin, lightweight and boast a weather-resistant nylon shell over a New Zealand merino wool interlock liner.  So, this makes them warm and appealing to wear.  I’m also a big fan of the gloves’ palm surface material: It’s a thin leather-like material called Clarino.  This includes tiny Ibex logos as tacky grippers on the palm and finger surfaces.  The Clarino comes up over the tip of each finger, which helps with Velcro and zippers.  No fraying happening here!

Very few companies have understood the powers of a nose wipe on a glove.  This is especially important when snowshoeing.  Ibex gets this part.  Once the snot starts to run freely from the nostrils, it begins to freeze (if it’s really cold) or just becomes a general nuisance as it slides down your face.  A glove’s nose wipe is a brilliant, soft-to-the-touch slice of fabric that sits on the top of each thumb.  I use mine regularly during a snowshoe adventure.  It helps big time!  Although, the gloves could use the occasional washing (hand wash is suggested).

Other beneficial features include:

*Reflective Ibex logo on the back of each glove
*Pull-on fit
*Actiwool snug rig cuff

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