Let it Snow! 5 Places You Can Still Snowshoe in Oregon

With an unusually warm winter that has been full of sunshine and rain the locals and visitors to Oregon are practically begging for the white stuff. From local breweries that are labeling their winter ales “pray for snow” to roadside … Continue reading

Top Après Snowshoe Spots in Boise, Idaho

With so many great opportunities for snowshoeing near Boise, it’s very possible (and common) to venture out of town for a morning hike and be back in the city by happy hour. Whether you make the easy 45-minute jaunt up … Continue reading

My Quest to find the Most Beautiful Destination in Backcountry Banff

I’ve been on a quest this winter to find the most beautiful destination to explore in backcountry Banff National Park and I believe I may have just found it.   I just took a 3 day mixed ski and snowshoe trip … Continue reading

10 Things to Do in Eau Claire Besides Snowshoe Racing

Hint: none of them involve cheese…

At the end of February, several hundred athletes will descend on Eau Claire, Wisconsin, for the 15th annual United States Snowshoe Racing National Championships. And although the city (with help from local bike … Continue reading

Moonlight, Snow Angels, and Snowshoes

What’s the best way to go stargazing in winter? On snowshoes of course! Head out of the city for a night hike this winter and get off the beaten path, climb up to a meadow under the stars, lie down … Continue reading

North America’s Top 10 Snowshoe-friendly Nordic Centers

(Note: This article was co-written by Katie Hearsum.)

There are several snowshoeing rules that most snowshoers have come to know as commonplace. And many are obvious: if you can walk, you can snowshoe… if it’s covered in snow, go … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season for Après! Whistler’s Cornucopia – By Night

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‘Tis the Season for Après! Whistler’s Cornucopia – By Day

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‘Tis the Season for Après! Whistler’s Cornucopia – The Morning After

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North America’s Top 10 Snowshoe-friendly Ski Resorts

Snowshoeing is known as the world’s fastest-growing winter sport. Last season, despite dismal snow conditions, North America’s ski resorts saw an increase in snowshoer participation. Families and couples choose to snowshoe rather than ski or snowboard; in some cases, resorts … Continue reading

Eat Your Way to Fitness on Snowshoes or Cross-Country Skis

Want a guilt-free way to indulge yourself with food while exercising? Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are two of the best forms of aerobic exercise. But, if you go on a “Gourmet Ski Tour” on your snowshoes or XC skis, you … Continue reading

Banff’s Nature in Focus Guiding Company


I hear it and feel it beneath my feet. I’m snowshoeing across a small mountain lake with our friends and guides Paul and Eva Sylvestre, owners of Nature in Focus in Banff, and I look at Paul suddenly feeling … Continue reading