Canada Eh! How Wineries are Embracing Winter & Snowshoers in Ontario

Canadian winters are long, dark and snowy and in the province of Ontario, winter continues through March and sometimes even into April. For winter lovers, this isn’t generally a bad thing. But for those not too keen on winter weather, the only thing that can make winter better is a little bit of booze to go along with those winter activities.

Lucky for all of us up North, and those who are brave enough to head up here during the winter weather, wineries all over Ontario are hopping on board with winter and embracing snowshoers from all over the world. We have heard about cycling, horseback riding, walking and even marathon running while wine tasting. However, snowshoeing and wine tasting? Why hadn’t anyone thought of this before?

Winter Winter Activity Tour- Ontario- Thirty Bench

Courtesy of Thirty Bench Winery

Thirty Bench

A popular winery to offer snowshoe wine tours as a winter activity is Thirty Bench. Located in Beamsville, Ontario, Thirty Bench is in a superior winegrowing region on the Niagara Peninsula.

Strap on the snowshoes provided on the tour and learn tips and techniques for your adventure through the vineyard. Follow your knowledgable guides throughout the snow-covered vines and learn the wine picking, making, and tasting process.

The landscape and scenery out on the tour are truly beautiful. Take in the rolling snow-covered hills, endless miles of vineyards, and casks made into tables for the tastings. It can set the stage for a romantic tour, or perhaps just a playful trek in the snow.

The tour winds up in front of an outside roaring fire with wine tastings and a warm snack.  This amazing experience fills up quickly so make sure to make your reservation! We can’t think of a better way to spend a snowy afternoon in the wonderful province of Ontario.

Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery

In Annan, Ontario, Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery is another winery to hop on board with snowshoeing and offer visitors the chance to tour the vineyards via snowshoe as a new winter activity.

Coffin Ridge takes the visitors on a snowshoe trek through the 25-acre grounds talking about the history of the winery and the challenges they face in a cool climate. Learning about the growing process and how this winery differs from others is an important educational component of this tour.

After snowshoeing, participants head inside to the fireplace to warm up from their winter activity with a mug of mulled wine and a hearty bowl of soup and artisan cheeses.

This winery is one of a kind and understands the bond between trekking through the vineyards and enjoying an incredible glass of vino. Make your reservation for this 45 min tour. 

Coffin Ridge- Snowshoe & Wine In Ontario

Courtesy of Coffin Ridge Winery

Georgian Hills Vineyards

If you’re interested in more of a self-guided tour, snowshoe around Georgian Hills Vineyards in Clarksburg.

Rent snowshoes on site for $10 or bring your own. Then learn about the winemaking process as you navigate the three trails on the grounds, which range from 0.5 km to 2 km, depending on your level of adventure. Maps are available inside.

Finally, end your self-guided trek at the bar, and enjoy a tasting of one of the five wines at the vineyard.

Enjoy Your New Winter Activities in Ontario

Winters in Canada continue to be snowy, harsh and everlasting. However, wineries in Ontario have found a new winter activity to entice visitors to come out and experience the joys of a vineyard.

Whether they are offering self-guided or guided snowshoe treks, Canadians are finding new ways to enjoy wintertime. We invite snowshoers from all over the world to come and experience what we now think of as our new sport; wineshoeing.

Updated November 2019

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