Handful Bras or Bust: Freedom From Flat Boobs

Feeling harnessed by lackluster sports bras and unflattering undergarment designs, Portland, Oregon-resident Jennifer Ferguson reimagined a perkier option for active females. The company’s line of Made-in-the-USA sports bras may be limited in variety, but the versatile, two-piece collection (a bra and a tank) is built to free your girls from constant, spandex-heavy restraint.

Handful bra and tank

Available in a range of bright colors, Handful Bras is out to flatter – not flatten – your assets. With no underwire, padding or molded cups, the “bralette” design isn’t exactly a rugged sports bra. But it is ideal for low-impact sports (like snowshoeing), general lounging or when freedom and comfort are essential requirements in your lady garments – which is to say: just about everyday.

Handful Bra
Made with a soft and stretchy blend of nylon and spandex, both the bra and the tank hug your curves without smashing them flat. Thanks to these quick-drying materials and an integrated moisture-wicking lining, the Handful Bra stays comfortable in the midst of a sweaty workout. (And, subjectively speaking, few things feel worse against sensitive skin than a cold, wet sports bra.) The Handful Tank has the same design as the bra but offers support in the form of a camisole, a suitable choice if you want to simplify your winter clothing system with a lightweight, next-to-skin base layer.

Both pieces feature convertible straps and padding that can be customized to your preference. Criss-cross the straps for a racerback hold, which also gives your girls additional support, or wear Handful Tankthem over your shoulders for a regular t-shirt style. Meanwhile, the removable pads serve two purposes: they give an extra hand for smaller chested women, but the additional reinforcement also wards off the deer-in-the-headlights effect that is indicative of many sports bras, regardless of chest size. They’re thoughtful additions that may not necessarily sway your shopping decisions, but you’ll be happy with the options when want one bra to fit a (ahem) handful of situations.

The Handful bras (XS-XL) and tanks (XS-L) and retail between $48–54. Handful Bras can be purchased online at www.handful.com.

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