Gear Review: Icebreaker GT 150 Run Rush Tank

Lightweight construction makes the women’s Icebreaker GT 150 Run Rush tank top ideal for summer endeavors, whether you’re backpacking with a heavy load or hitting the dirt for an evening jog. While the tank was designed with trail runners in mind, that doesn’t make it any less performance-driven when your pace is considerably slower.

Icebreaker is synonymous with New Zealand Merino wool-based activewear. Unlike the wool you may have grown up with, however, the Merino wool found on the Run Rush tank (and all their clothing, for that matter) is soft and lightweight. And because it boasts many of the same tech-driven features found in synthetic fabrics, Merino wool is a more natural choice for outdoor lovers who require performance-boosting technologies. Its quick-drying and breathable fabric strips away moisture from your skin, preventing buzz kills like chafing or overheating from ever happening, and anti-odor properties come naturally – a perk when you’ve agreed to meeting for coffee or any social event post-workout.

A touch of Lycra adds stretch and flexibility to the Run Rush tank, designed especially for high-energy sports, and two perforated panels under the arms to add more ventilation when airflow becomes a bit stale. Perhaps because it is so lightweight, this tank top is semitransparent, and since it has no shelf bra, you’ll want to cover your assets before leaving the house. Regardless, with all the combined fabric technologies, the Run Rush tank couldn’t be more fitting when you’re sweating it out on hot days.

Aside from the natural, performance-based fabric, don’t expect over-the-top bells and whistles. (But is that even necessary on a running tank?) Two mp3 ports, however, are built into the Run Rush tank, so you can thread your headphones through the back of the tank without getting tangled up mid-run. Plus, a small stash pocket at the back holds only the most basic essentials, like a key and an ID, for the minimalist hiker or runner.

Environmentally conscious trail lovers might appreciate the unique “Baacode” that’s found on each garment, which lets you dig up the roots of your Icebreaker clothing. Pop the code into Icebreaker’s website and you’ll be taken through all the steps involved in producing your very piece of clothing, from the origins of the fabric to the stitches sewed at the seams.

In all, the Icebreaker GT 150 Run Rush tank top performs exactly as it was built to do, and it’s hard to argue with those results.

The women’s Run Rush tank top retails for $65. For more information on Icebreaker, visit To purchase the Run Rush tank top, click here.

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