Gear Review: HaberVision Prima and Riva Goggles

I rarely use goggles when snowshoeing.  For skiing they’re great, obviously.  For snowshoeing, it’s just another item to carry in your pack – probably taking up much needed room.  I now have a different perspective on this issue.

After experiencing a blowing snow dilemma near Vail Pass in Colorado, I luckily had a pair HaberVision’s Prima Goggles handy in my pack (going against my better judgment at the time).  My days of leaving my goggles at home are no more. 

I’ve come to really enjoy HaberVision’s products.  I love my Cima sunglasses!  I think Haber puts a lot of time and energy into manufacturing superior products, utilizing the technology behind creating a 100% polarized dual-panel no-fog lens.  And that’s what you’ll find on both the Prima and Riva goggles from HaberVision: a lot of technology and enhanced functionality.

Prima Goggles (online price – $65, suggested retail – $130)

If I had to choose between the two, I prefer the Primas – only because they have a larger fit and a wider field of view.  I can fit these things over my Cima sunglasses.  This is an automatic “fall in love” feature for me.

The Prima’s lenses feature an Optic Orange tint that effectively blocks bright light and low light conditions.  Having 100% polarized dual-panel no-fog lenses eliminate glare and increase clarity – a plus for a pair of goggles and essential for snowshoeing.  They also protect against UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light.

Each pair of Prima goggles has a frame made from HaberVision’s Protex, which is a high-grade polymer that maintains its elasticity in low temperatures.

Riva Goggles (online price – $55, suggested retail – $110)

The Riva goggles are smaller than the Primas – relatively the only difference.  They also include the following features: rainbow flash mirror, double polarized lens, no-fog coating, optic orange tint, molded face foam, and Protex high-grade polymer frame.

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Click here to visit HaberVision’s Web site. Stay tuned to for more HaberVision gear reviews.  Next, we plan to review the Prima and Riva goggles.

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