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Photo Competition

The photo competition has closed. Below are the winners. Winners were chosen mainly due to vote count. Thanks for all of your participation. We will have another competition next year. We’ll keep you posted!

1st Place Photo

Photo by user

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Snowshoe Magazine Photo Competition

There are always so many great opportunities to get great photos. The snow with the great lighting makes it possible to catch photos like this one…

At Snowshoe Magazine, we wanted to give the opportunity for readers to submit their … Continue reading

Etymotic Research Inc MK5 Isolator Series

If you are like me, you are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to audio reproduction. I’ve gone through many headphones over the last 5 years looking for the one that fits most of my situations. … Continue reading

Cindy Brochman 2015

Snowshoe Magazine

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Review: Tribe One Outdoor Packnet

When backpacking, tying things to my pack is a requirement. There are not many backpacks big enough to carry my tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad inside. Tying to the outside is a must, and usually it involves simple knots … Continue reading

MSR XGK EX: The Rugged Backcountry Stove

If you are thinking about doing any back country snowshoeing, a good stove is a must have. Starting fires are always fun, but in snow, ice, or during a storm, a fire just won’t cut it. Also, there is a … Continue reading

Earthquake Relief Fund Created by Sherpa Adventure Gear

KENT, WASHINGTON, USA and KATHMANDU, NEPAL-April 28, 2015- Kathmandu-based outdoor apparel manufacturer Sherpa Adventure Gear has created an earthquake relief fund called “Help Sherpas Help Nepal” to support aid to remote villages affected by the disaster. The fundraising appeal is … Continue reading

New Site Design

Now that the snowshoe season is winding down, we finally have time to breath here at Snowshoe Magazine. We can start looking at things we want to do to prepare for next season. So with this, I want to ask … Continue reading

Win a BCA Stash OB Winter Pack!

We’re always striving to enhance the snowshoe community and better understand the how’s and why’s around participation, so we’re asking: “Where do you like to go snowshoeing, what influences your purchasing decisions, what’s your favorite terrain, and what makes you … Continue reading