Underneath Your Clothes: SnowAngel Offers Winter Performance Base Layers for Women

Chami Zip T-Neck

Ladies: When you’re competing, your focus should be on the race, the trail, the other athletes—not on your body temperature or appearance. SnowAngel’s Chami line keeps you thermally insulated and looking sexy, allowing you to concentrate on your competition.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Chami Rainbow Zip T-Neck is (surprise!) its multi-colored zipper. The closure is a spectrum blue, pink and green teeth, adding pizazz to an otherwise solid (black, blue or pink) top.

The Rainbow Zip ($78) can be worn as an inner or outer layer. The polyester-spandex fabric is smooth on the outside but fleecy on the inside and feels soft against the skin. Either way, it’s comfortable and cut to flatter. The top is long (but not too long), and you’ll be able to lift your arms above your head without any tummy exposure. Your wrists will also stay covered, thanks to extra-long sleeves with thumbholes (!).

The Chami Zip T-Neck's multi-color zipper

Pair the Rainbow Zip with Chami leggings ($55), which are also available in black, blue and pink. These sleek polyester-spandex pants have a flattering low-rise waistband that stays secure sans drawstrings. The pants hit just above the ankles, so if you’re tromping around in the snow, opt for tall socks or gaiters (or, if you have super long legs, consider ordering up a size). After wearing these leggings on many runs, their only flaw seems to be the lack of pockets to stash house keys or other small items. If no-pockets is a deal-breaker, consider SnowAngels Flare Leg Pant, which has a zip compartment and an all-round looser fit.

Both the Rainbow Zip and the leggings are wind and weather resistant. They both breathe well and wick moisture away from the skin. I wore both products in a recent 10K snowshoe race and had no problems with roost seeping through my clothes or feeling thermally imbalanced throughout the event.

Chami legging

SnowAngel started back in 1998 when founder Pamela Moyce noticed that “most of the thermal underwear available in stores was either bulky ill-fitting versions of men’s garments, or else pretty and feminine but without the technical properties and durability you need for serious sports use.” Since then, SnowAngel has developed functional, fashionable base layers that can be worn every day. For a El Granada, California-based company, SnowAngel’s sure got a handle on winter performance wear.

For more information on SnowAngel, visit http://www.snow-angel.com.

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Whitney Spivey

Whitney Spivey is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she is a freelance writer and editor. She is a three-time New Mexico state snowshoe racing champion, and she placed eighth at Nationals in 2014.

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