Surprisingly Interesting Sports You Should Try

Are you looking for a fun way to stay active? Why not try a sport that’s out of your comfort zone?

Diving into a new sport may seem daunting at first, but it is a great way to help you get active while having fun in the field. Whether you’re in for something chill or intense, it’s important to find which sport fits your taste.

So, take out your calendar and start planning your summer and winter leisure activities. A good outdoor game can bring out a positive mood and improve your overall health.

The excitement is all yours! Here are surprisingly exciting sports that you should try:

snow capped mountains and blue sky on Mt Yale

There are so many sports to try that will get us outside in the fresh air. Which one would you try? Photo: Susan Wowk


How can we forget one of the best winter outdoor sports? If you’re craving a new outdoor hobby, snowshoeing is a great activity to have fun while getting in shape.

To provide a little background, snowshoeing was a popular transportation mode a thousand years ago, which also became an enjoyable recreational activity.

Learning basic snowshoeing techniques is essential to enjoy the activity. If you’re already familiar with snowshoeing and you want to level up your experience, you can try snowshoeing in mountain lodges, resorts, and advanced hiking trails to help you burn some calories. On the other hand, if you’re still new to the sport, you can try snowshoeing somewhere to learn with your friends or family.

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man snowshoeing in open area with snowshoe tracks and blue sky

Our recent trip to Mount Margaret was so fun! This photo reminds me of the fun we had that day! Photo: Susan Wowk


If you are into winter sports but the weather is starting to get warmer, then it’s the perfect opportunity to try out a new summer outdoor sport like golf. You can use the golf course for snowshoeing in the winter, but how about in the summer?.

Did you know that people who tend to play golf live longer and stay healthier? Golf is a sport that is as fun as it is easy to learn. Plus, it is an interesting sport that makes people more sociable. There are various choices for the best golf rangefinders in the market, which help improve the overall game and add excitement.

You can enhance your golfing session further with the use of premium quality golf GPS watches and handheld devices that record the stats and activity while you’re at play.

close up of person in golf swing

Golf is one surprising option to try this summer. Photo: Markus Spiske via Pexels


If you’re up for something that gives an adrenaline rush, luge is worth a try! You’ve most likely seen luge in the Winter Olympics, but you don’t need to be a high-skilled athlete to participate.

However, you must be warned! It’s the most terrifying but fun sport which requires a lot of concentration, strength and some techniques.

You’re going to need the strength of your feet, calves, and shoulder muscles to direct the toboggan downhill. In short, you need to be in pretty good shape to get an edge.

In the U.S, four active luge clubs offer opportunities for beginners.

new sports to try: luge track in summer with mountains in background

Skyline Luge has tracks around the world where you can get the luge experience. Photo: Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


Biathlon is a combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. It is a grueling winter adventure sport that requires physical endurance and mental strength.

Biathlon is also one of the sports played in the Winter Olympic Games. The real challenge is keeping your heart rate steady and strengthening your concentration to hit the target right.

Biathlon is a predominantly winter sport, but you can train for it any time of the year. Getting involved with such a sport is not as hard as you think, with many clubs available across the U.S and Europe.

new sports to try: man in biathlon event shooting rifle

Biathlon includes cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Photo: Image by Ebowalker from Pixabay


Mountaineering is a broad sport—it usually involves going through various terrain and can be done in winter or summer. The sport requires you to use technical hiking gear (including avalanche equipment in winter) to climb and walk your way up the mountain.

Here’s an idea…

Add climbing to mountaineering to add up to the excitement. That way, the “usual mountaineering” gets more interesting. Plus, you’ll get involved in a pretty intense workout which makes it more fun and exciting.

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man on mountain top with blue sky above

Mountaineering can be a way to up the challenge, but it’s essential to be prepared! Photo: Image by Iliya Kolodeznyy from Pixabay

Give it a try!

Sports make you healthier and more active. It requires your body to move, preventing health conditions, improves mood, boosts energy, and promotes good sleep.

There are various exciting sports that you can try. Choosing something new and exciting is more fun and enjoyable. Also, remember to choose a sport that is suitable for your age and physical condition.

So, which of these sports have you tried, or are you excited to try out?

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