Gear Review: Tanda Professional Restore

Light therapy and low intensity laser therapy is not new, having been tested and used for quite some time. In recent years however, the popularity of these forms of treatments have increased significantly with those wanting to find an effective, non-invasive and drug-free alternative to traditional forms of therapy. Some of the conditions that respond well to treatment include: arthritis, tendonitis, sprains and strains, and repetitive strain injuries.

Having worked for a few years at a clinic that offered laser therapy treatment, I was able to see first-hand its effectiveness, and also benefit personally from the treatment for my own trail running and snowshoe running injuries. I found that my body responded quickly to this modality, especially if I was able to treat it very soon after the initial injury, and on a regular basis. That is where things can be a bit of a challenge if you have to wait an extended period of time to get an appointment for treatment.

This is where the Tanda Professional Restore unit really shines. While it is available at clinics by many chiropractors and physiotherapists, the unit is also available for sale at a fraction of the cost of many other units on the market. The cost can be easily justified by the number of trips to your chiro or physio that you’ll save.

Of course the financial benefit of home treatment is only important if it is effective. In a 2009 independently supervised blinded study over a 14-day period, participants reported a 72 percent decrease in pain, 36 percent decrease in swelling, and 60 percent overall improvement with use of the Tanda unit.

Treatment with the Tanda Professional Restore involves holding the handheld unit directly against the area of the injury. Infrared light is then emitted by super luminous diodes for the duration of the treatment. The suggested treatment time for most injuries is a three-minute session.  The theory behind the research is that the infrared light is absorbed into the tissue and helps increase circulation and speed up recovery time from the injury.  

While the reported results are impressive, I’m the type of person who needs to see first-hand how it works. With two high mileage ultra marathon runners in our home, this was the perfect opportunity to see how effective the Tanda unit is, as my wife Sara and I are both recovering from recent long-term running injuries.

First off, I have been dealing with a knee injury since last fall. Improvement has been slow and I had recently hit another plateau in my recovery. After a few weeks of treatments with the Tanda Professional Restore, I found that I started to feel less pain and was able to begin running higher mileage again.

It was following my initial success that I encouraged Sara to try it for the stubborn hamstring tendon injury that she was dealing with and her results were equally as promising. Her pain was reduced and she was also able to increase her training load significantly from what she had been doing for months.

Since then, we have both had minor setbacks with these and other injuries, but have found that by treating them early and often, that we have been able to turn them around and bounce back very quickly. What we have noticed personally is that it was the soft tissue injuries, like muscle and tendon issues, that seem to respond for us the quickest. This may be different for others, but this happened to be what we were dealing with and found successful when treating.

The Tanda Professional Restore should not be considered a substitute for treatment and advice from your health care professional, however when used in combination with sound recommendations from your physio, chiro or sports therapist it may just be what helps to put some of your stubborn aches and pains behind you.

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