Gear Review: Slap Frozen Energy Drinks

Here’s a new concept. Instead of just mixing up an energy drink and sucking it down lukewarm in the middle of a workout, why not just freeze the whole thing and, well, turn it into some sort of slushy, pouch type mixture?

Believe it or not, that’s the concept behind Slap Frozen energy drinks. And you know what? It actually makes a lot of sense. The warm energy drink thing has been a longtime pet peeve of mine, and it’s a problem that Slap Frozen actually solves. Score one for innovation!

The company behind the concept, Brain Twist, is marketing Slap Frozen as the first-ever frozen energy drink, and you know what, they are probably right. This is not something I’ve ever seen or even considered before. Sold in 10 oz. pouches, Slap Energy is available in three flavors: strawberry-frost, lemonade and crisp apple.

So how does it work? According to Brain Twist, the idea is to store your Slap Energy pouches in the freezer, and then when you’re ready to work out (or hit the trail, or just want an energy boost) pull them out, let them thaw for a few minutes, squeeze them to break up the ice, and then out flows the slushy, high energy goodness.

Question number one for me: Can you freeze a Slap Energy pouch and then take it out in the snow for later enjoyment? Answer: Yes, but it is isn’t optimal. These are really designed for straight-from-the-freezer enjoyment, not frozen backcountry fun.

Still, what a unique idea, especially in the heat of the summer!

To add a little excitement to the mix, Brain Twist is offering free pouches of Slap Energy via its website – — and one lucky winner will win a “summer’s worth” of the frozen energy drink. The web coupon is redeemable for a free Slap Energy pouch at Walmart, and everyone who requests one will be entered into the drawing to win three whole cases of it.

For more information, visit Slap Energy at

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  • Swing and a miss. It tastes like syrup before any of the flavors. They had to add so much syrup so that it would be a slushy… I literally taste syrup, then something that reminds me of a taste you’d find in alcohol, then a hint of lemonade. 2/10 stars for these guys. Sorry, it wasn’t even worth the money to try.

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