Gear Review: GSI Kung Foon

When it comes to whipping up a gourmet meal in the outdoors, GSI has all you need for a backcountry barbecue and more. Since 1985, the company has invested years in developing compact camp cooking supplies and integrated systems that nest within itself for ultra-efficient and creative storage. And those same principles of innovation are applied to one of GSI’s latest designs of this summer: the Kung Foon.

Chopsticks and spork come together with the Kung Foon in a quest of ultimate skill and finesse. Used separately, each tool has their respective strength in the feat of eating. Pinch and ponder the philosophy of individual grains of rice in your rehydrated chicken pilaf with the wooden chopsticks, or shovel in large mouthfuls of soupy chili mac with the deep bowl design of the titanium spork. But combine them, and you’ll learn that the art of eating is a practiced skill that requires patience and wisdom.

By threading the chopsticks into the handle of the spork, the Kung Foon transforms into an extendable stirring, serving and scooping utensil that reaches the far depths of your dehydrated food pouches without resulting in messy hands. Apply the right amount of leverage to the chopstick end, and the Kung Foon’s deep scoop design and sturdy prongs dig up a good ratio of food, no matter how liquefied/solid it is.

Given all that, the Kung Foon raises a few questions, like whether chopsticks are really an efficient choice for camping. And because the spork is made from titanium, the Kung Foon is less than ideal for scraping the bottom of your Teflon-coated cookwear when using it to scoop up food. Plus at 4.7 oz, it doesn’t exactly shave weight off your total backpacking load. So why bother with the Kung Foon? Well, it’s hard to go wrong combining two of the world’s best dining utensils into one multi-purpose weapon. And the Kung Foon works as hard as it does in the outdoors as it does when you’re dreaming about the outdoors from your day job.

For more information on the titanium Kung Foon, visit GSI’s website here.

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