Book Review: Snowshoe Routes – Colorado’s Front Range

If anything, Colorado is home to an embarrassment of riches for winter sports enthusiasts.

High altitude snowpack? Check. Backcountry terrain? Check. Well maintained trail systems? Check.

The problem for snowshoers in the Centennial State often isn't “where to go” but where “else” to go.

Book Review: Hypothermia, Frostbite and Other Cold Injuries

Two facts for consideration:

1. Snowshoeing is a cold weather, winter sport.

2. Athletes who participate in winter sports put themselves at risk for a variety of sometimes severe cold weather injuries, including hypothermia, frostbite and more.

(This is hard-hitting information, I know.)

Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running

Many of the rewards of snowshoeing are mystical and intrinsic. The same is true for trail running. The sports are complementary whether one is racing or communing with nature.

Book Review: The Outdoor Athlete

This book is designed to assist you in taking your snowshoeing and outdoor experiences to the next level. The Outdoor Athlete will prepare you through rigorous training and flexibility programs to maximize your outdoor enjoyment.

Book Review: Nordic Walking

At least once a day, in a majority of households, health related commercials persistently flash across the television.  Some explain the benefits of a particular muscle-building exercise machine while others advertise the amazing results of weight loss pills.  Journalist Claire Walter, author of "Nordic Walking," presents a different and much more advantageous approach to healthful living.  

Three Snowshoeing Books to Get You Started

Early season snowstorms have already dusted parts of the Northeast United States and Rocky Mountains, which means its time to plot strategy for a winter of snowshoeing bliss.

Book Review: Snowshoe Country by Florence Page Jaques

Snowshoe Magazine
"I'll always turn to the North!" says New Yorker Frances Lee Jaques to his wife. He is trying to convince her to take their upcoming vacation to the wilderness of northern Minnesota, instead of the tropics. Finding her adventurous nature intrigued by his enthusiasm, she relents. Their trip turned out to be the life-changing inspiration for Florence Page Jaques' book, Canoe Country, first published in 1938.

Book Review: Performance Nutrition for Winter Sports

In her third book on sports nutrition, Monique Ryan focuses on a special breed- the winter athlete. Performance Nutrition for Winter Sports guides athletes through this demanding season and helps make managing their energy and recovery needs less of a challenge.

Garrett Conover: The The Snow Walker’s Companion and Teacher

You don't have to be crazy to camp in the winter. You really don't even need to be a die-hard, gung-ho adventurer. In fact, you really don't even need to be cold. If you use the right equipment you can leave the cold outside your tent, and cook your meals over a real stove right in the same warm area you will sleep in. You can be comfortable, even when it is well below zero (Fahrenheit) outside your tent walls.

Book Review: Backcountry Skiing and Snowshoeing in Grand County, Colorado

What makes "Backcountry Skiing and Snowshoeing in Grand County, Colorado" so essential to snowshoers looking to venture through some of America's greatest snow-covered landscapes is its approach to detail and accuracy. A guide for snowshoers can't get any better...and it's all about Grand County's splendor.

Book Review: Snowshoeing Mount Blanc and the Western Alps

Want a guide to the world's destination for champagne powder? And, yes, I mean that literally. Snowshoeing Mount Blanc and the Western Alps by Hilary Sharp lives to be THE resource for snowshoeing Europe's great heavenly gift, the Alps.

Book Review: Transcendent Summits by Gerry Roach

Snowshoe Magazine
Gerry Roach has taken the art of storytelling to a whole new level. To borrow the theme from his book "Transcendent Summits", it took me to a place in mind I had yet to visit.