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At least once a day, in a majority of households, health related commercials persistently flash across the television.  Some explain the benefits of a particular muscle-building exercise machine while others advertise the amazing results of weight loss pills.  Journalist Claire Walter, author of “Nordic Walking,” presents a different and much more advantageous approach to healthful living.  

Instead of repeating the words of common advertisements or the promises of miracle drugs, Walter explains without promoting a “particular technique or brand” the art of “pole walking” and gives the reader a chance to learn about a potential sport they, too, can enjoy.  In the pages of Nordic Walking, intelligible overviews of healthy living and the advantages of pole walking build the foundation for the following chapters devoted to the explanation of the sport.  

Walter objectively explains an appropriate and prudent process to follow in beginning or improving healthy living as well as organizes her thoughts into an easy-to-understand book.  Through years of her own practice of the sport, Walter can attest that her “arms, shoulders and upper body [are] stronger” from using the trekking poles, required equipment for successful pole walking.  

Walter “likens the growth of Nordic Walking to that of snowshoeing” in the U.S. over the next several years and expects the sport to “explode, much as it has in Europe.”  

Nordic Walking is not part of the popularized how-to genre, but a book dedicated to providing another way to live healthy.  Neither a Nordic Walking trainer nor instructor, Walter seeks only to inform readers of a new, 21st century sport that can improve participants’ health, boost the excitement in everyday exercise, and provide an activity that is “easy on the budget – and, like snowshoeing, accommodates a wide range of physical skills and ages.”  

Nordic Walking is not only encouraging and informative, but also witty and enjoyable to read.  Get in step with pole walking; it’s a sport worth investing in.  

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