Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running

Many of the rewards of snowshoeing are mystical and intrinsic. The same is true for trail running. The sports are complementary whether one is racing or communing with nature.

It has been nearly a decade since Adam W. Chase and Nancy Hobbs wrote The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running. The second edition of this gem contains an invaluable breadth of information for runners of all abilities.

It covers all aspects of trail running to rejuvenate the experienced trail runner and entice athletes from other disciplines to join the trail running family.

The book delves briefly into the history and background of the sport, trail-specific training, and techniques requisite for ascents, descents, cornering, and proper ways to fall. There is a detailed look at the physiological and psychological effects on performance, adaptation, and heart rate respective to altitude.

There are training methods and schedules for varying distances, chapters devoted to stretching and strength training, and advice to help the trail runner merge with the different types of trail conditions such as mud, ice, water crossings, and so forth.

The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running offers it readers specific advice from experts in sports medicine, nutrition, and the healing arts. It addresses potential trail injuries and trail hazards such as extreme weather, wildlife, dehydration, and other safety concerns.

Proper equipment and gear are essential and diverse for the trail runner. The in-depth account of footwear, apparel, accessories, and emergency gear is feature-rich and covers the intricacies of lacing systems.

The comprehensive guide includes a holistic approach to trail running and expert advice regarding nutrition, fueling options, and hydration – even for vegetarian or vegan trail runners. The importance of environmental stewardship through trail etiquette, activism, and the like is emphasized.

Sprinkled throughout the book are anecdotes from elite trail runners and snowshoers who religiously hit the trails such as Katie Mazzia, MS, RD, CDE; Tom Sobal; Dave Mackey; Lisa Jhung; Dave Dunham; among others. Membership to the American Trail Running Association [] offers additional benefits whether you explore the trails via running or snowshoeing.

The earth is more forgiving to your joints than the pavement. The beauty of trail running is its ability to enhance proprioception which will transcend your snowshoeing through heightened awareness. Trail running [like snowshoeing] is often about ditching the quantifiable nuances of life in exchange for the adventure of mind, body, and spirit.

Chase and Hobbs offer you decades of their unrivaled passion, dedication, and worldly expertise as a guide to create and experience your own adventures.

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Adam W. Chase has traveled the world an accomplished ultrarunner, snowshoe racer, adventure athlete, and president of the American Trail Running Association. He is the trail editor of Running Times and has contributed to Trail Runner, Ultrarunning, Outside, Marathon & Beyond, Competitor, and Runner’s World among other publications. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Nancy  Hobbs is founder and executive director of the American Trail Running Association, a council member of the World Mountain Running Association, manager of the Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team, and chairperson of the USATF Mountain Ultra Council. Her articles and photographs have been published in Trail Runner, Ultrarunning, Running Times, and Runner’s World. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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