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Aetrex Blackberry Boots: Après-snowshoe Footwear for Après-everything

Not necessarily for snowshoeing – or even made for a snowshoe binding – the Aetrex Blackberry Boots are the après-snowshoe footwear for the winter season. But what makes these boots better than just about anything else that can be worn … Continue reading

The Patagonia Ultralight Hoody is a Woman’s Best Friend on the Trail

Take it from a woman’s first-hand experience on the snowy trails, the Patagonia Ultralight Hoody lives up to its name.  While it is ultra light, it’s a non-bulky “puffy” jacket that’s not so puffy, which is a nice change of … Continue reading

Gear Review: Montrail Rockridge Trail Running Shoes

Without a doubt, Montrail knows how to make a good trail running shoe: And the award-winning Rockridge shoes don't disappoint.  For women, the Rockridge color options are perfect for the trail.  I chose the Bramble/Pale Orchid color – over the White/Air selection – because it wouldn't show the evidence of a dirty trail run.  White fading to khaki makes me mad! Beyond my color preferences, the shoes were a seamless fit. Designed for a snug heel and wide forefoot, the Rockridge shoes are stable for steep uphill trail runs.

Gear Review: Under Armour Spectre II Running Shoe

All I need to say about the Under Armour Spectre II trail running shoes is that they are lightweight. Oh, and very comfortable as well … and made just for women. Although a very simple approach to a review of a shoe, it's nothing short of inspiring: My feet effortlessly maneuvered on the trail with the spongy inner and outer sole.  The Spectres were made with precision – a quality that allowed it to conform to my feet.  A comfortable fit helped me run more throughout the week and in longer distance sprints.  Simply, a great running shoe. 

Gear Review: Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Hoody

Versatile is too simple of a word to describe the Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Hoody.  Maybe “straight-up-awesome” is more appropriate.  The Hoody conformed to my torso – curves and all – which was especially helpful while running in cooler weather.  To my surprise, the Hoody wicked-away moisture, regulated my body temperature, and wasn't overwhelmingly heavy.  It's a runner's dream...and made just for a woman. 

First Wind Turbine at a Vermont Ski Area Under Construction at Bolton Valley Resort

Snowshoe Magazine

Bolton Valley Resort, a locally owned and operated family ski and snowboard area, has announced construction of a wind turbine that will be operational in late autumn. It is the first wind turbine to be constructed at a Vermont ski area.

Gear Review: Columbia Rapid Descent Zip Hoodie

The Columbia Rapid Descent Zip Hoodie works as a base layer during a snowshoe outing and it works as a moderate-weather pullover (to beat that slight chill in the air). The more pleasing aspect of this item is how Columbia understands constructing apparel for women; it fits me - in more ways than one.