Gear Review: Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Hoody

Versatile is too simple of a word to describe the Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Hoody.  Maybe “straight-up-awesome” is more appropriate.  The Hoody conformed to my torso – curves and all – which was especially helpful while running in cooler weather.  To my surprise, the Hoody wicked-away moisture, regulated my body temperature, and wasn’t overwhelmingly heavy.  It’s a runner’s dream…and made just for a woman

Mountain Hardwear says it’s a fleece, but the Power Stretch Hoody is a fitted cut Polartec baselayer.  And it’s a fleece.  Its smooth exterior works well in an environment that’s humid and cold – the going standard for the recent fall weather in Colorado.  

For the snowshoer, it’s most helpful as a baselayer.  The full coverage hood is convenient in case the weather turns colder.  It’s great in windy conditions because protects the back of the neck.

Aside from its baselayer qualities, the Hoody is a great interior for a shell.  In combination, the Hoody’s cold weather features extend to its sleeves.  The thumb holes at the end of the sleeves help keep my hands warm in situations when the weather turns cold quickly and gloves aren’t available.  Of course, when running for extended periods of time, this is handy.  

The Hoody’s single, side zip stash pocket can store an energy gel, iPod, or any other small item.  The 10-inch front zipper is the primary feature that helps regulate heat.  The Hoody is a simple fleece baselayer that isn’t over-engineered or designed with too many marketing features that become annoying.

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