Aetrex Blackberry Boots: Après-snowshoe Footwear for Après-everything

Not necessarily for snowshoeing – or even made for a snowshoe binding – the Aetrex Blackberry Boots are the après-snowshoe footwear for the winter season. But what makes these boots better than just about anything else that can be worn after a hard day of snowshoeing? Waterproofing. Of course, these boots are warm, but you can quite literally stand in a cold puddle of slush and not have a moment of discomfort. You might eventually feel the bite of cold… never the discomfort of water entering the boot.

So what’s the trick? How are they waterproof and how does it differ? Aetrex constructs its Berries Boots with P2i ion-mask waterproofing technology and Aegis anti-microbial linings to protect against fungi, bacteria and algae.

P2i ion-mask waterproofing is invisible to wearers because it’s a protective layer of ion-mask over one thousand times thinner than a human hair. The technology is molecularly bonded to the whole surface of the boot making it extremely durable without affecting the look or feel of the boot. Even better, ion-mask lasts as long as the material itself and is not compromised by everyday wear.

Here’s the scoop on P2i ion-mask:


ion-mask gives lifestyle products superior liquid repellency, stopping external water ingress while allowing perspiration to escape.


The boots keep wearers comfortable and dry. Unlike membrane technologies, ion-mask is not a physical barrier, delivering the full natural airflow.


The liquid repellent nano-coating is physically bonded at a molecular level, so it lasts as long as the material it protects and cannot be seen or felt.


Being only nanometers thin, ion-mask does not add any additional weight to products. In wet environments, the hydrophobic properties ensure that less water is retained.

Offered in three colors – Blackberry, Cocoberry and Cranberry – the boots provide a lightweight midsole for cushioning, support and best of all, style.

One of my favorite features is the insole, which is made from memory foam to help with pressure relief and delivers comfort. Add it all up, it’s a warm boot that’s simply made for a woman and provides the perfect blend of warmth, breathability and comfort. After a long day of snowshoeing, the Aetrex Blackberry Boots are ideal for any day, anywhere and for anyone.

Additional features:

  • Four way stretch uppers for optimum fit;
  • Rubber outsoles for superior traction;
  • Mid-calf boot with pull-up tabs for easy on/off wear
  • Flexible shaft can be worn at full height or folded for a reversible look

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