Gear Review: Under Armour Spectre II Running Shoe

All I need to say about the Under Armour Spectre II trail running shoes is that they are lightweight. Oh, and very comfortable as well … and made just for women. Although a very simple approach to a review of a shoe, it’s nothing short of inspiring: My feet effortlessly maneuvered on the trail with the spongy inner and outer sole.  The Spectres were made with precision – a quality that allowed it to conform to my feet.  A comfortable fit helped me run more throughout the week and in longer distance sprints.  Simply, a great running shoe.  

The Spectre shoes were constructed for athletes with high arches.  For me, this is a big deal.  My feet have high arches that tend to hurt after a couple miles of running.  Of course, this happens when shoes don’t maintain enough cushion for multiple foot-strikes.  

According to, because of a high arch (also known as Cavus foot) “an excessive amount of weight is placed on the ball and heel of the foot when walking or standing. Cavus foot can lead to a variety of signs and symptoms, such as pain and instability. It can develop at any age, and can occur in one or both feet.”

Under Armour also created the Spectre with a plusher forefoot to enhance the “ride” of the shoe.  Its mid-volume “Cartilage Precision Handling” and Under Armour’s unique “Directional Cushioning Engineering” system provide integrated cushioning, stabilization and propulsion.  In other words, I was free to bounce around on these shoes, turn sharp corners, and occasionally catch some air bounding over obstacles.

Donning the Spectre shoes while running was like gliding around on snow.  Unfortunately, the Spectres weren’t made for cold weather.  The upper mesh has a lot of breathing capabilities, allowing for heat to escape as it builds.  Sorry, snowshoers.    

In my opinion, the Spectres are the most comfortable road shoes on the market today.  For trail running, they weren’t a great choice.  Of course the comfort persisted on a dirt trail, but it was my choice in color that became a problem: White and light blue.  Doh!  After a few trail runs, the shoes were filthy.  The white quickly changed to light khaki tones.  Live and learn, right?  Should’ve gone with the black and white.

Snowshoe Magazine recommends the Under Armour Spectre II shoes for road running, not so much for trail running.  But they are “hell-to-the-yes” comfortable.  Hands down, my favorite shoe in my cluttered closet.  

Additional features:

  • ArmourLastic absorbs shock at critical impact zones in the heel and forefoot for maximum protection
  • ArmourGuide ensures efficient foot-strike guidance from impact to propulsion
  • ArmourBound delivers maximum responsive cushioning
  • Ventilated internal FootSleeve is engineered to hug the foot and eliminate sliding and extra bulk
  • Smooth transition technology keeps the foot in constant contact throughout the gait cycle, creating more stability and mid-foot support
  • Weight: 9.75oz/ 276g

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