Gear Review: Hi-Tec Sierra Lite I WP Hiking Boot

If you’re in the market for a hard-wearing multi-purpose boot designed for both a Sunday afternoon stroll as well as major league hiking, then the Hi-Tec Sierra Lite is ideal for both. This is one rather eye-catching piece of footwear, which will support your feet mile after mile. Don’t be fooled by its lightweight frame, this boot packs a punch.

The Hi-Tec Sierra is fully water proof and water repellant – though with less depth than other boots in its class – thanks to “ion mask” technology. Your feet perspire, the boots “breathe” and any residue mud or snow is simply shaken off, allowing easy maintenance. With a Vibram sole underfoot, you’re well protected to tackle any terrain. Most notable are the sections of the outer sole cleverly designed to aid downhill and uphill traction.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 8.32.41 PMInside the boot, Hi-Tec has packed some great design features. The insole is anti-bacterial and extremely well padded. To prevent rubbing and sliding at the heel and ankle, an extra layer of spongy cushioning has been added, which soaks away moisture and disperses it out of the boot. This helps increase the comfort factor no end.

To help the boot feel secure, the lacing system uses metal eyelets, and includes a locking lace loop at the top. Hi-Tec also include a spare set of laces, which is a useful extra. Design features on the outside include a protective and substantial “bumper” to keep the toes safe, with an upper of nubuck and mesh. Tough but still airy.

Outwardly, the Sierra Lite has the style and appearance of a rather rugged pair of trainers, but this belies the fact that the boot is a lot harder wearing. It’s ideal for summer use, without making the feet too hot. Supportive on the roughest of trails, and with a wider fit, the Sierra Lite will keep your feet comfortable all day.

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