Gear Review: Teva Chair 5 Men’s Boot

trek2The practicalities of packing bulky items like hiking boots into your case or rucksack has often been seen as a spacious issue. Well, that issue is now vanishing in the rear view mirror thanks to the smart thinking and design genius of the company behind Teva. They’ve taken the basic concepts of boot design and thrown away the rule book. Who said a rugged boot has to be rigid? Who said a boot has to be bulky? It would appear no-one. Hence the research and development which has gone into the Teva Chair 5.

This is innovation in a new dimension. A boot which, because it folds down to almost shoe size, takes up far less space for packing, eliminates the need to be tied on outside the rucksack, yet still retains all the requirements of the keenest of hikers.

What’s most impressive about the Teva Chair 5 is what you get for your money – in short, loads. If you’re looking for style and comfort in a waterproof, flexible and lightweight boot, this is it. No need for concerns about the cold getting to your feet on those wintry hikes, because the insulation is second to none thanks to the properties of 250g of synthetic “Thinsulate LiteLoft.” This helps retain the warmth without being overly hot.

The boot comes with an ingenious, removable insulated inner ‘booty’ for indoor wear – complete with its own outsole – which Velcros neatly back into place. The uppers are seam sealed and waterproof, with very comfortable insoles and a superior rubber outsole to increase grip. For added foot security and stability, Teva has included a sturdy nylon shank.

teva1The Chair 5 is versatile, enabling you to tackle tough outdoor hikes in all weathers or just simply amble around town in the slush. It may look heavy, but on average the weight is just 511g (size 9), bringing it down to almost half that of similar spec boots. Available in sizes (UK) 6 -13, with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, the Teva Chair 5 is guaranteed to go the extra mile whether you’re cycling, hiking, camping or just being active in the great outdoors.

For more information on the Teva Chair 5 Boot, visit To purchase the Teva Chair 5 Boot, click here.

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