Gear Review: Native Eyewear Toolah Sunglasses

Native Eyewear's Toolah sunglasses in Red Frost.

Native Eyewear’s Toolah sunglasses in Red Frost.

The pair of Native Eyewear Toolah’s pulled back into my hair as I write this already made their way up Colorado’s Vail Mountain this morning for an early interval running session. The dark … Continue reading

Gear Review: Atlas Race Snowshoes

Atlas Race Snowshoes.

Atlas Race Snowshoes.

It’s an interesting time for the world of snowshoe racing. With improved shoe traction devices and ski touring/uphill gear, many casual outdoor exercisers and elite endurance athletes don’t really need to strap on a pair of snowshoes. … Continue reading

Forge Ahead: You Need this Travel Mug


When I When I first heard that Camelbak was producing a travel mug I was ecstatic. You see, travel mugs and I don’t quite see eye to eye on the following topics: Spilling, keeping my coffee hot, breaking and HARD … Continue reading

Featured Product: Yukon Charlie’s Pro II Series 930 Snowshoes

Yukon Charlies 930 - #2

When I first acquired my Yukon Charlie’s Pro II Series 930 snowshoes, I couldn’t wait to try them out. Unfortunately, throughout the Pacific Northwest, snow was in short supply for the majority of this winter.

Nevertheless, I enthusiastically donned the … Continue reading

Gear Review: Kahtoola MICROspikes


What an epiphany when I realized that running on snow in the winter was not only accessible, but also more physically sustainable than running on roads, or even trail running in the summer. Accessible because of new advances in foot … Continue reading

Gear Review: MindShift Rotation 180 Panorama Pack


A good backpack is a wonderful thing. Few pieces of gear encourage otherwise sensible people to develop irrational emotional attachments to inanimate objects like the nylon pouches we sling over our shoulders. It is for good reason I suppose, nothing … Continue reading

Gear Review: SportHill Backcountry Pant


If I am being honest, my pants are very often the last thing I am thinking about while I am out exploring. My boots, jacket, socks, shirt, hat, and even long johns tend to be more cognitively demanding decisions when … Continue reading

Beer Review: Microbrasserie Archibald Kwe


I am sitting at a long handcrafted wooden table in the middle of a beautiful dining room that displays First Nations artwork, animal skins and a crackling fireplace in the center. In front of me sits a pint glass etched … Continue reading

The Product That Changed My Life


While strolling the floors of the SIA Snow Show in Denver–for the 11th year–I find it challenging to discover a product that impresses me. It’s hard to admit, but it’s true. Sure, there are the snowshoes, the trekking poles and … Continue reading

Gear Review: Yukon Charlie’s 825 Pro II Series Women’s Snowshoes & Trekking Poles

Gear Review: Yukon Charlie's 825 Pro II Series Women's Snowshoes & Trekking Poles

Photo Courtesy of Yukon Charlie’s.

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest improvements in snowshoe design recently are the bindings. I started snowshoeing about 10 years ago, and the only thing I disliked about the sport was putting on … Continue reading

Beer Review: Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar


In a dark and crowded dimly lit pub that offers craft beer and locally sourced food, I had the first sip of the Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar. I had just come in from a long day outdoors; at first I … Continue reading

Extend Your Day With GoMotion’s Wearable Light Designs

Lightbelt 100 - front view

While on a recent moonlight snowshoe walk, I was very happy to be wearing the Litebelt 100, a convenient waist pack that also features a 100 lumen LED light at waist level and rear flashing red lights that can be … Continue reading