The Intend Jacket by Dare2b Is Perfect for Snowshoeing


I should open with a confession.  I grabbed up the Intend Club jacket by Dare2b for only one reason: I thought it looked really cool.

And my fashion sense was quickly confirmed.  First, there were all the compliments.  Then there … Continue reading

The Atlas 9 Series Shoe: Affordable and High-Performing

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 7.32.56 AM

In the forests of the Teton mountain range, I’ve recently set off on several hikes with my 30-inch Atlas 9 Series snowshoes.  I found $169.95 a very reasonable price for these shoes and I selected groomed trails for almost all … Continue reading

The FLEX RDG Shoe by Tubbs Is Adaptive and Free of Flaws

The Tubbs FLEX RDG shoes hold up across varied terrain.

Any time you assess a shoe by the Tubbs Snowshoe Company, the Vermont shoemaker starts out with stellar credibility.  It was in a 1928 expedition that Admiral Richard Byrd and his team walked on Tubbs snowshoes all the way to … Continue reading

The Height of Performance and Convenience: Black Diamond’s Carbon Compactor Poles

Black Diamond poles help us get out in the wilderness.  (Photo by Nicole Walker.)

There are times when we need to pack up your poles.  When we’re traveling to our snowshoe destination by airplane.  When we’re touring the backcountry, camping along the way, or touring across a variety of terrain, some of which requires … Continue reading

A Great Vermont Export: Darn Tough Socks

The men's Bjorn Nordic Micro Crew sock by Darn Tough socks.

The men’s Bjorn Nordic Micro Crew sock by Darn Tough socks.

While I never saw her drink the entire time I was growing up, my mother kept a small bottle of brandy in the cupboard.  Mom hailed from upstate Wisconsin … Continue reading

Is There Something Magical at Work in Klymit’s Backpacks?

Snowshoeing in the Tetons with the Motion 35 backpack by Klymit.  (Photo by Brad Christensen.)

Perhaps it had been too long since I’d studied the features of backpacks.  Perhaps I hadn’t ever taken backpacks seriously enough.  But I was a bit taken aback when I read what Klymit’s Motion 35 backpack can do.

Klymit’s Motion

Continue reading

Stio’s Merino Wool Hoodie May Be the Best Midlayer Ever

Stio's Basis 21 Merino wool hoodie.

When I began wearing my Merino wool hoodie by Stio, I didn’t have to be convinced of the value of Merino wool.  I already knew that Merino wool makes the best inner layer and probably the best “non-jacket” midlayer.

Manitobah: Making Mukluks, Building a Legacy

Snowshoeing in Manitobah mukluks.  (Photo by Frank Meek.)

Thousands of years ago, Inuit, Yupik, and other Native peoples inhabiting what is now Canada had to make it through some of the coldest winters on Earth.  So they invented a winter boot called a mukluk.

In 1997, when he … Continue reading