The Traveling Snowshoer: CINQ Enhances On-the-Go Productivity

cinq1Every active snowshoer has to admit, there’s a full-time job waiting back at home and an office that has projects galore waiting to be completed. That’s our reality. We all have work to do. But for the computer user, true productivity doesn’t have to stay at the workplace; it can be mobile and efficient.

Enter CINQ—an on-the-go second monitor made for laptops; it’s lightweight, has an easy plug-and-play setup and features several versatile mounting options. With 1290×720 HD resolution capabilities and a 16:9 widescreen, the CINQ is compatible with any Windows and Mac OSX laptop.

My CINQ experience not only enhanced my mobile, on-the-go laptop experience but also my home office where I have the need for multiple monitors (as pictured below).


Having CINQ nearby allows me to work on HTML projects on the main screen and then quickly see the graphical changes in a test environment on the secondary screen.

CINQ also helps me monitor constantly changing systems, such as the stock market, multiple Twitter feeds, real-time analytics, live Webinars, video production elements, and the local weather.

Even better, CINQ is a boon to travelers. Not only does having the CINQ attached to my laptop turn heads but it’s also ideal for visually sharing with others. For example, while traveling with my children, I was able to work on my laptop and then play a video on the CINQ for them to view—detaching it from my laptop with no interference and no annoying disruptions.

Strangely enough, what I thought was a “convenient” product became essential and a major contributor to my daily grind.

And CINQ travels well too! Its hard-cover case protects the CINQ and has room for all its accessories.

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Ryan Alford is the founder of Snowshoe Magazine and River Sports Magazine. He now spends his days in Texas working for Lockheed Martin but dreaming of being back in the mountains of his home state of Colorado.

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