Tasty Brilliance: Small, Smart Snacks for Adventure Seekers

Let’s be honest, snacks are just about the last thing that I think about when I am planning my adventures.  I pack my gear, I make sure I have all of the necessary gizmos and gadgets, I check and re-check the weather forecasts and then I make plans on where we’re all going for our huge, celebratory meal when the adventure’s finished.  Chopped apples and trail mix seem to get left behind in the excitement.

However, snacks are critical when exerting energy throughout the day and overlooking or simply forgetting to refuel your body while expending any kind of energy can be dangerous.  When snowshoeing, or participating in any kind of sport, you want to supply your body with a carbohydrate boost without weighing down your digestive system. Foods consumed should digest quickly and should focus on hydration as well as nutrition.

While you’re on your adventure your body is working overtime to keep you moving and depending on the level of exertion, fluid is lost which can result in dehydration that can cause muscle cramping, fatigue and poor motor skills.  Keeping snacks and water on hand for any outing is crucial.

According to GU, everything inside each packet of GU is engineered to do one simple thing: provide your body with the essential requirements it needs to keep going for miles and miles and hours and hours.  I am always looking for the easiest, most convenient snack for my outings so for the past month I have been trying out three different types of GU.

GU Energy Gel:

GU Energy Gel

GU Chomps:

GU Chomps

The main difference I found between the GU Chomps and the GU Energy Gel is just preference – do you prefer gel or a gummy chew?  Regardless of your choice, these heavenly, flavorful bursts of energy in an easy to carry package are not only tasty, they’re low calorie and they provide your body with the essential nutrition it needs to keep you going throughout your adventures.

The directions recommend having your GU Chomps or Energy Gel about 15 minutes before you start your activity and then every 45 minutes until finished.  So, before going to the gym, during a long run, hiking in the Rockies and before a swim, I have been consuming GU and found that it certainly does the trick.  I am not ravenous when finished and I have a steady amount of energy throughout the day.

GU Recovery Brew Drink:

GU Recovery Brew Drink

The GU Recovery Brew Drink helps you quickly replenish energy stores and rebuild muscles after an intense workout.  These are optimal for a long, vigorous day in the snow.  The directions recommend mixing with milk or water but I also threw in a banana with a bit of milk and pulsed through my blender for a delicious shake after hiking.

The Recovery Brew Drink also works well just mixing with water.  After a vigorous hike in the Rockies I had a Recovery Brew Drink while driving back to town and loved that I did not feel that huge wave of exhaustion come over me the minute I sat down in the car.  In addition, what I love about the Recovery Drink is that you can purchase them in individual packets which makes it easy to take these on trips with you.

While I only tried out three products, there are plenty of other GU choices including Roctane Ultra Endurance, Electrolyte Brew, and Electrolyte Tabs.

I am so excited about GU that I even went the extra step to put a pack of GU Chomps in every backpack and winter jacket pocket that I own just so I can be prepared for all of my next adventures!  I am also stocked up in my pantry so I can just grab and go.  Easy as that – snack problem solved, now all I need to decide is where to go on my next adventure.

GU Heaven

For more information about GU Pure Performance Energy products, visit https://guenergy.com.

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