Sherpa Adventure Gear – A Review of the Shankar Jacket

No, you don’t always need down. And for that matter, you don’t always want down. For the enthusiastic snowshoer who wants to get out in the snow in the early season or stay out well into the spring, conditions might be both wet and cold.

The Shankar Jacket is filled with toasty warm-when-wet PrimaLoft® One (100 gsm) and is still light and packs well for when you don’t need it. With a 100% ripstop nylon shell the Shankar blocks the wind, keeps in the heat and articulated elbows allow easy movement. The hood is big enough to fit over a helmet and has a drawstring to cinch down on unprotected noggins. There’s even a drawstring around the waist to baton down the hatches for particularly gusty days.

With plenty of pockets you can stash what you need in the jacket for short jaunts. One of my favorite features are the large internal mesh pockets which are a perfect place to stash your gloves when you come inside and hang your coat up. The side-zip chest pocket is something I always look for in jackets as a place to cary my phone so I can hear it ring along with some lip balm for those dry and windy adventures.

Available in four great colors, two that pop, two that are more subtle, the Shankar Jacket will serve you well on any frosty adventures, snowshoeing or otherwise.

If you’ve never heard of Sherpa Adventure Gear, check out this note from their founder:

Namche. 11,300 feet. Brilliant white, sharp-edged peaks tower over azure rooftops. Colorful prayer flags flutter and dance in the breeze. The lack of oxygen is palpable. And what air there is, is thick with the pungent, unmistakable scents of incense and burning yak dung.
This is the home of the Sherpa—the bravest highaltitude mountaineers the world has ever known. When climbers come from afar to scale the treacherous Himalayan summits, it is the Sherpa who makes the route, carries the load, and lays the rope all the way to the top and back. They are the unsung heroes of countless Everest expeditions. They are also the backbone of our brand.

You see, Sherpa Adventure Gear is not your ordinary outdoor company. Our products are designed, worn and endorsed by these heroes that make their living in the toughest conditions in the world. And a part of the proceeds from every sale go back to Nepal to help underprivileged Sherpa children succeed. This is the Sherpa heart in action—always helping each other climb up, and never losing sight of the destination and what’s important.

Just like the indomitable Sherpa, you can depend on our clothing and gear to be there for you day after day—even in the harshest conditions.

Tashi Sherpa

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