SeasonFive Arm Sleeves Provide Optional Warmth

Colorado winters can be tricky to navigate when it comes to preparing your gear.  There are brutally cold days while others are warm and balmy.  Then there are the kinds of days that start off with not even a cloud in the sky, but two hours later there’s a blizzard moving in, and two hours later it’s warm again.  This often makes outdoor activities a nightmare to accurately dress for, and is, in my opinion, why Coloradoans are so prone to layering.

Enter my SeasonFive arm sleeves.  I have seen cyclists wearing these sleeves throughout the year and I wondered if they would be useful for my outdoor winter adventures, turns out they are.  The arm sleeves not only provide warmth and protection from the elements, they are also waterproof, windproof and have 50+UPF sunproof technology built in.  They’re made from SeasonFive’s Atmos 1.0 waterproof and breathable stretch fabric, making these sleeves comfortable and convenient.

My first need for them occurred while hiking in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Paired with a sweat wicking t-shirt, these arm sleeves were perfect for a day in the wilderness when the weather was unpredictable.

The breathable Atmos 1.0 fabric did not chafe nor did it slide or roll down my arm while I was active as others are prone to do.  The sleeve was easy to put on and the elastic cuffs sit right above my wrist and just above my elbow.  The best part about them: once it got warm again I took the sleeves off and stuck them in my waist pack – their small size meant I didn’t have to bring a large backpack to hold an oversized coat or jacket.

As I get prepared for another winter in the Rocky Mountains, the SeasonFive arm sleeves will be a staple item in my gear bag.

Product Information:

  • Atmos 1.0 Waterproof / Breathable technology
  • 4-way stretch
  • DWR Water Repellency
  • 50+UPF sunproof
  • Available in Men’s and Women’s XS – XL
  • Colors: Black (shown) or Charcoal

To learn more about the SeasonFive Arm Sleeves, or to purchase a pair, click here.

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