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originalWhen backpacking, tying things to my pack is a requirement. There are not many backpacks big enough to carry my tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad inside. Tying to the outside is a must, and usually it involves simple knots and a rope. I thought that a rope would be sufficient until I saw the the Tribe One PackNet. They have come up with a much better solution to tie stuff to a pack.

Tribe one offers multiple PackNets for multiple purposes. These products include the LP Series PackNet, the OP series MiniNet, the RackNet, and the PackTach Set. This review covers the LP Series PackNet which comes with 6 individual PackTach carabiner. Everything can be bought separately, however, the PackNet and the PackTach carabiners work extremely well together.

LP Series PackNet and the PackTach Set

LP Series PackNet and the PackTach Set

The LP Series PackNet is made of basic bungee cord material. It has six cords extending out from the center. Each cord has two loops for attaching the bungee to things and a bungee ring holding all cords together. It is designed to be strong enough to hold your stuff onto your pack without being overly difficult to use. It is a basic net, but it is a well designed and thought out.


Tribe One PackTach Set

The bungee is usually not the best part of using the PackNet. My experience when attempting to use a regular bungee is the problem of how to tie the bungee to on the backpack. If there is a hole or a loop built into the backpack, then regular bungees work well. However, when there is nothing, usually I’m stuck coming up with some weird contraption to tie off my sleeping bag or tent.

This is where the PackTach carabiners come in. They are designed to attach the bungee to the pack without making a hole in the pack. Also, there is no need for a built in loop. However, when I first got the PackTach, I did look at the carabiners with confusion. I had no idea how they worked. However, the following video explains how they work.

Using the packnet, I decided to try it out and attempt to to see how it works on my pack. I was looking to turn my daypack into a overnight pack. I was successful.

2015-07-13 18.13.28The PackNet works by putting two anchor points at the top of the pack, two on the sides, and two at the bottom. Using this setup, I was able to get a two person tent and a (large) 0 degree sleeping bag tied to my day pack. Essentially, I was able to turn my day pack into an overnight pack with the PackNet.

There were some challenges with using the PackNet. Mainly, the PackTach ties are a little difficult to attach on a pack with thicker fabric. They still work, it just takes a little more effort to get the caribiner into the PackTach tie. Once attached, they don’t move on the fabric and hold the carabiners well.

Ultimately, Tribe One has taken something that you wouldn’t think about, bungee cords, and made them much better. You can find the PackNet at

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received LP Series PackNet for free from Tribe One as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication.


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Paul Wowk has owned Snowshoe Magazine since 2015. He enjoys snowshoeing regularly with his wife, Susan, and dog, Grizzy.

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