Osprey Aura AG 65 Backpack Review: Carry Your Dreams

If you are looking for a hiking or travel backpack that is comfortable, breathable, and overflowing with innovative design features, you’ve found it in the Osprey Aura AG 65. I like to say that with this pack, you can carry your dreams on your back. The backpack is versatile and allows you to go where you need while efficiently carrying what you need.

My pack is pinon green, but you can also choose from enchantment purple, tungsten grey, or berry sorbet red. Whichever color you choose, this backpack is well-made and sturdy. It provides the confidence to roughly toss it around without worrying about breaking the frame or tearing the material.

Here are a few features that stood out in my review of Osprey’s 2012 Aura AG 65 (now with a similar 2022 design).

side by side: Osprey Aura 65 L: 2022 model R: 2012 model

In 10 years, Osprey has maintained the comfortable fit and easily accessible storage of the Aura 65. Above is the 2022 model (L) and 2012 model (R) of the pack. Photos: Osprey

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Fit and Carry

The Aura AG 65 is lightweight, specifically designed for women, and the fit is snug and comfortable. Each strap is customizable, so I was able to get the fit just right for my frame. In addition, the hip belt supports most of the pack’s weight, taking the pressure off my back and shoulders.

There are compression straps galore (dual upper and lower), and nearly every strap is adjustable. I’ve used the Aura 65 for a weekend getaway, where I kept the straps tight around a light load. Also, I’ve taken this backpack camping and let out the straps so that I could stuff my pack to the seams.

The ventilation factor is key, no matter how much is in my pack. Whether hiking on remote trails or trekking through the airport, the Antigravity mesh backing enables air to circulate along my back. This mesh backing helps prevents profuse sweating and aids in keeping me cool.

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There are so many great features in the Aura AG 65 that it’s hard to choose my favorites. The large open pocket on the top of the pack is perfect for stashing jackets or other gear you want to keep quickly and easily accessible. I also love the tall open side pockets for water bottles or snacks. Moreover, each side of the hip belt has a small, secure zipper pocket that is perfect for lip balm, cash, and identification. These hip belt pockets prevent these small yet essential items from getting lost in larger pockets.

Speaking of larger pockets, it’s highly convenient that the main storage space is accessible via two side zippers on the top of the pack. Although I pack by stuffing clothes and other goods through the top of the bag, filling the cylindrical space, it is heavenly to be able to access these items through the side pockets and not have to unpack everything to reach something on the bottom of the pack.

I have also made great use of the top pocket that folds over to close the pack. I’ve been able to separate medium-sized items (socks and underwear), so they don’t get lost among bulkier items in larger compartments. Everything remains reachable and organized every step of the way.

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Other Features

In addition to those mentioned above, the Aura AG 65 comes with an integrated rain cover for extra protection on rainy to snowy days. The pack itself is made of recyclable nylon and a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish.

For extra hydration, this backpack also has an internal hydration reservoir sleeve with an exit for the tube in the center back.

Finally, if you’d like to attach additional gear,  there are several loops for an ice ax and a trekking pole attachment for storage outside the pack.

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Osprey offers a variety of high-quality outdoor gear, and the Aura AG 65 is one of those offerings. Choose from an XS/S or M/L design. The Aura 65 AG Backpack retails at $325 on Osprey.com. Or, you can find this pack on Backcountry.com for a slightly lower price.

Have you used or would you use this pack? What is your review of the Aura 65 AG by Osprey? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

This article was first published on August 20, 2012, and was most recently updated on November 8, 2022.

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Based in Denver, Allison Leking enjoys the Rocky Mountains and the great outdoors. Allison is an avid writer and owner of Krona Communications, LLC: http://www.kronacommunications.com.

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