Hydro Flask Bottle Warms the Snowshoer’s Heart

I usually don’t tend to get too excited about water bottles. Sure, I have some great water bottles in my house that I like to use, but most are very similar to the next: Meaning that they are plastic and you can drink out of them.  One big exception is the Hydro Flask bottle.

I have been raving about Hydro Flask since receiving one recently. To start, Hydro Flask keeps liquids cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. The cold part isn’t important in the winter for snowshoeing enthusiasts.  Having warm liquids during a long snowshoe outing can enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors by providing some much needed warmth on a nasty day.

I had the opportunity to test the Hydro Flask where temperatures dipped below freezing during a long trail run. Since it was a cold day, I wanted to have hot tea to drink after my run. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was still very hot when I went to drink it – six hours after I poured the boiling water into the Hydro Flask. The hot tea tasted so good after a long cold day on the trail.  I can’t verify the 12-hour claim, but I would certainly not question it after my initial test.

Hydro Flask’s secret for keeping liquids hot (and cold) is that it’s made from “18/8 food grade double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel.” It’s also worth noting that they are BPA-free and also resistant to bacteria and odors. In addition, for a stainless steel bottle, it is surprisingly lightweight.

The screw off top that comes with the bottle works great. However, snowshoe runners might prefer to spend the extra few dollars and purchase the sports cap accessory that is sold separately.

I have had bottles in the past freeze-up on me a number of times during extreme, cold weather training runs; a potentially dangerous situation. I am pleased to have found a bottle in the Hydro Flask that I know I can rely on, even during the coldest of winter days.

For more information on Hydro Flask, visit www.hydroflask.com.