GU Chomps, Gels and Brews: Taking Snowshoeing Energy to the Next Level

If variety is the spice of life, then GU Energy products are spicy and full of life.  I have indulged in GU’s variety of Chomps Performance Energy Chews, Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gels, Energy Gels, GU Electrolyte Brews, and GU Recovery Brews.  They have taken my snowshoeing to the next level.  

I was able to enjoy flavors like Mint Chocolate, Espresso Love, Blueberry Pomegranate, Peach Tea, Watermelon, Orange Pineapple, Cranberry Apple, and many more.  Of course, these have contributed to an enjoyable experience on the trail, beyond the average chocolate and vanilla energy consumables.  

Engineering its energy products with amino acids, Vitamin C and E, and sodium and potassium, GU provides what a growing snowshoer needs.  I was able to combine several GU products before, during and after a snowshoe outing.  Depending on the plan, my GU recipe always followed the amount of snowshoeing I wanted to pursue for the day.

If my energy requirements spanned a two- to four-hour snowshoe trek, I would consume a GU Energy Gel before, a pack of Chomps during, an Electrolyte Brew drink mix during, and a GU Recovery Brew after.  If my snowshoe outing is more than four hours, I will add a Roctane Energy Gel before and during my trek – while saving a good flavor of Chomps for my drive home.  

And that’s the beauty of GU Energy: They have created products that work well together, considering the amount of exertion required and energy expelled while snowshoeing.  

The GU Energy Gels always gave me the pep I needed before snowshoeing, especially a flavor I enjoyed.  If I needed an extra boost, I would happily eat a Roctane Energy Gel.  The Chomps prevented my mouth from drying out and gave me the blend of complex and simple carbohydrates for fuel on the trail.  Both drink mixes (or Brews) were a combination of electrolyte and recovery recipes that kept me strong all day, no matter how long I wanted to stay outside. 

My advice is to purchase the GU Performance Energy Sampler.  The Sampler box includes:

  • 9 GU Energy Gels – includes each flavor of the workhorse of endurance nutrition
  • 3 Roctane Gels – when you really need to dig deep on that long training run, ride or race
  • 2 Chomps Packets – mix things up a bit with this delicious and chewable form of energy
  • 2 GU Electrolyte Brew Packets – a great tasting, balanced electrolyte mix to improve hydration
  • 1 GU Recovery Brew Packet – use after workouts to recover faster and perform better the next time out

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