Gear Review: Talus ColdAvenger High Performance Mask

When I snowshoe, it never fails: My chin and nose get colder than any other part of my body.  This happens particularly because it’s the only exposed skin on my body when outside in the outdoor elements.  It’s a problem that isn’t easily remedied without the right gear, but most products on the market are either cheaply made or don’t properly do the job.  This season, it’s all about finding the right gear for the conditions…and I have solved yet another problem for my snowshoeing adventures.  Talus Outdoor Technologies created the ColdAvenger: A cold weather mask that allows you to breathe freely while keeping your face warm and dry.  I like that.

While snowshoeing at Turpin Meadow Ranch in Wyoming, the cold morning air offered the perfect chance to test the ColdAvenger.  It was easy to put the ColdAvenger on while moving around – sort of a plug and play feature.  It has an easy Velcro attachment from the back, making the mask durable and appropriate for any conditions.

The primary feature of the ColdAvenger is the breathing apparatus on the front.  It mixes inhaled cold air with exhaled warm air to achieve a balance of warmth while keeping the face dry. Inside mask temperatures are 40 degrees to 60 degrees F higher than outside, depending on the activity. The patent-pending ventilation design allows for easy breathing during exertion, a critical feature for high endurance outdoor activities.

According to the Talus Web site, prolonged exposure to cold air is harmful to your airways and can have adverse affects on health.  It also prohibits the body’s necessary warming and humidifying processes.  The ColdAvenger is made with biocompatability, flexibility, inherent microbial resistance, and for endurance.

I’m glad the ColdAvenger is my side pocket when snowshoeing.  It’s just another part of what makes getting outside in the extreme cold bearable and enjoyable.

ColdAvenger Features:

*Traditional fleece
*Protects face and airway from cold weather
*Allows you to breathe freely during outdoor activities
*Wicks away moisture to keep your face dry
*Humidifies dry, cold, inhaled air
*Keeps temperatures inside 40 degrees to 60 degrees F higher than outside
*Fits with goggles and helmets
*Prevents fogging of goggles
*Adjustable, removable interior valve allows control of air intake
*Polyurethane ventilator has inherent microbial resistance
*One size fits all

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