Gear Review: Mountain Hardwear Integral Tight

Even before I put on Mountain Hardwear’s new Integral Tight, I knew I really wanted to like it. Like many snowshoers, I’m trying to incorporate as many earth-friendly products and habits as possible into my life. So, when I noticed that the fabric content is a blend of merino wool and recycled polyester, I was already excited about it.

Sure enough, when I did venture outside wearing the Integral Tight as my baselayer, I wasn’t disappointed. Despite their sleek, lightweight look and feel, these tights pack a lot of performance and warmth. The fibres work together beautifully … the merino wool makes the tights soft and warm, while the polyester provides wicking and durability.

In addition, Mountain Hardwear has inserted polyester mesh panels in areas that typically produce lots of heat and perspiration, namely the waist area and at the back of the knees. So, you stay dry and comfortable when things start to heat up.

Another design feature I especially like is the folded fabric waistband. It is non-bulky and absolutely the most comfortable waistband I’ve ever encountered in a tight.

I’m also happy to report that all those nifty-looking seams are flat and non-abrasive. I found these tights to be slightly less stretchy than others on the market so you might consider moving one up from your usual size, depending on how snug a fit you like.

I feel very comfortable recommending the Integral Tight for snowshoers and other winter sport enthusiasts, both for its earth-friendly fabric and its high performance.

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To purchase the Mountain Hardwear Integral Tight, click here (for the men’s) and here (for the women’s).

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