Gear Review: Honey Stinger Energy Bars and Energy Chews

About a year ago, I was introduced to Honey Stinger Energy Bars via a set of samples I encountered in the mail.  I was an immediate fan.  I’ve never tasted an energy bar like the Honey Stinger.  Living up to its name, each bar is made with 30 percent USDA certified organic honey.  In addition, each bar includes 10 grams of whey protein, 22 vitamins and minerals, calcium and antioxidants.  When snowshoeing and trail running, they come in handy.  Because I loved the energy bars, I was eager to try the energy chews.  As it turns out, the chews kept my engine running in between energy bar consumption.  And both taste so good.

My beef with most energy bars is that they harden in cold weather and become difficult to chew.  This is a lesson best learned by experience, of course.  While snowshoeing, the Honey Stingers did become firm (I’ve experienced worse), but I kept a couple in my jacket pocket.  My body heat helped keep them warm so later it wasn’t like gnawing on a chunk of beef jerky. 

Ultimately, the best way to enjoy Honey Stinger’s energy benefits is before and after strenuous activity.  I enjoy the Apple Cinnamon bar to start – especially in the morning before a snowshoe hike.  This flavor is made with apples, cranberries and cinnamon.  The perfect breakfast!  For post-snowshoeing, I prefer the Peanut Butter N Honey bar.  It reminds me of lunch and dessert combined; it also happens to be Honey Stinger’s best selling bar.

Recently, I’ve been enjoying the chews during trail runs.  The two flavors I tried were Pomegranate and Fruit Smoothie Mix.  They are not only tasty but they’re perfect for quick energy and are easy to consume during a run.  I also like to pop a few in the afternoon at work when I hit the 3 p.m. lull.  

Each chew is made with USDA certified organic ingredients: Gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO ingredients, no trans fats, and no partially hydrogenated oils.   They also boast 100 percent RDA vitamin C, along with 1 gram of protein and 1 gram of fiber (per package).

As a company, Honey Stinger has experienced a tremendous amount of success.  Based in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colo., the company was able to gain the support of Lance Armstrong.  (Now, if only I could get Lance to promote Snowshoe Magazine…and possibly don some snowshoes.) 

Mr. Armstrong had this to say about Honey Stinger: “I first tried Honey Stinger products during a mountain bike race in Colorado.  I was impressed with the great taste and energy they provided. Honey Stinger works for me in training and racing because you want to eat them and they work. I like the whole team – they understand what athletes need and they’re great to work with. I’m excited to be part of the Stinger team and work with them on expanding the products and business.”

Honey Stinger was also recognized as a “Colorado Company To Watch.”  Congrats to the whole team!

“This award acknowledges the dedication and hard work of our staff in Steamboat Springs as well as the taste and benefits of our products,” said Honey Stinger Co-Founder, Bill Gamber. “Honey Stinger is buzzing with momentum right now and it’s a terrific honor to be recognized in this group of dynamic Colorado entrepreneurs and small business.”

It’s imperative I try Honey Stinger’s lineup of Gels and Protein Bars.  They look scrumptious.  I’ve been doing a fair amount of trail running and I would think the Gels provide quick energy.  The protein bars would be an excellent recovery source.  

It would be in poor form to not include an official Honey Stinger endorsement for snowshoers.  As the publisher/owner of Snowshoe Magazine, I would recommend that snowshoers try Honey Stinger products for their energy boost needs.  I give the company and its products the Snowshoe Magazine stamp of approval.  Big time!

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