Gear Review: Chunks of Energy

Tasty. Natural. Energy foods. Turns out, these three things aren’t mutually exclusive.

The energy bars known as Chunks of Energy made me a believer.

029145-0Created more than two decades ago by a maple syrup harvester in western Massachusetts, these chewy nuggets are everything that most energy bars aren’t. They’re certified USDA organic, vegan, raw, salt-free, soy-free and are certified MSG- and GMO-free. And they come in 13 different varieties – including unique options like cacao goji, chia orange and lemon pomegranate.

Clearly, these are not your father’s Powerbars. The ingredients list on a Chunks of Energy package couldn’t be simpler: organic date, organic sunflower seeds, organic raisins, organic cacao powder, organic apricots …. you get the idea. The deal with these is that they offer all of the energy without any of the downsides of typical, sugar-sweetened energy bars.

But how do they taste? Pretty good, actually. They’re chewy, the flavors are rich, and they’re filling for their size, but the bite-sized portions keep them from being overwhelming.  They’re also easy to eat on the trail. They’re just big enough to provide a quick energy boost when you need it. In fact, the all-natural ingredients are just a bonus; I’d happily munch on these regardless. They taste good and the size is very handy.

Chunks of Energy are available at retail outlets in the 48 continental states and from the producer directly.

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