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CHUMS has been a staple brand name since 1983 and this winter is offering a variety of cases and holsters for all your accessory needs. Water-resistant, durable and effective seem to be the key themes for all these products and, as you will see below, do not disappoint in all of the above categories.

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First up are the Storm Series cases. Offered in three different sizes–the Traveler, Voyager and Downriver–they all are waterproof, durable and offer dual pockets. Described as a travel case, I quickly adopted the Voyager as my new makeup case; both in travel and at home. The waterproof material makes it easy to wipe clean and I never worry about anything sharp poking a hole through it. My makeup fits nicely in, the material is durable enough that nothing gets squished in my suitcase and I love the solid color that doesn’t scream “girly makeup case.” In fact, I lent this very case to my best male friend for travel. He loved the fact that his “manly” products fit in so well and when he dropped it in the sink, everything stayed dry.

030The smaller Traveler series is a replica for the Voyager and has been the home for all my necessities while exploring the outdoors. Loaded with sunscreen, snacks, lip balm, a flashlight, credit card, warming pouches for my feet and anything else I can cram in there, this case has held up extremely well in cold weather and still looks brand new. The size is perfect to carry in my small bag and stays dry even when I fumble and drop it. The water-resistant zippers are tough and show no sign of wear of breakage. Multi-purpose, durable and waterproof makes these cases one of my favorite new everyday accessories.

The last two cases on the list surprised me with how much I use them and enjoy them. Let me start off by stating that I try to carry as little as possible when I am out snowshoeing, hiking, skiing, or even just walking around. I like to travel light and give myself as much movement as possible while trying to juggle my phone and GoPro.

The Holster case by CHUMS is a water-resistant nylon case with fleece lining designed to hold your phone, PED or tools. In my case it was the perfect fit for my iPhone, which has this nasty habit of turning itself off when it is cold outside. I didn’t expect a whole lot from the holster as I wasn’t sold on trying to find somewhere to attach it too and I wasn’t sure it would keep my phone warm or dry. Surprisingly, the low profile belt clip snapped right onto my snow pants and I didn’t notice it there at all, never mind the fact after snowshoeing for three hours in the cold weather my phone still turned on due to the fleece lining in the case keeping it warm.

I have experimented with where to keep the case on me and the winner is in my inside jacket pocket, where I can thread my earphone wire through the handy bottom opening, ensuring it never gets tangled and allowing me to pump the tunes while I explore.

The Gizmo Case on the other hand is a slightly larger case that is suited perfectly for a small cameras, sunglasses, larger cellphones, binoculars and whatever else you may need to keep close by. Like the holster it is fleece lined and water-resistant. Instead of a belt clip the gizmo case offers three ways to attach it to you or the bag you are carrying.

The carabiner at the top allows you to quick clip it anywhere whereas the Velcro shoulder strap can be put onto a backpack quite easily. I happen to use the oversize belt loop the most as I thread it onto my one shoulder strap bag I use when I hike. This case looks to be small but you will be surprised with how much you can pack in it. Not only does it fit my GoPro, stand, wires and remote but the inside slots provide the perfect spot to store the extra memory cards. I have stored sunglasses, 3 cellphones, extra snacks and even a small water bottle in here. The material, the durability, and the ease of access to everything inside makes this case a winner in my books!


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