Gear Review and Giveaway: Aussie Dogs Styler Boots


I was never a fan of the unisex, twin-faced sheepskin boots that have become trendy in recent years; in every color and every brand, I thought they look bulky and awkward, shapeless and sloppy. So, when California-based Aussie Dogs asked me to review a pair of Styler boots, I reluctantly agreed. My opinion of the boots aesthetics hasn’t changed, though I do have a new-found respect for their functionality and interior. Here’s why:

They’re easy to get on and off. No zips, no buckles, no laces. Just slip ’em on. They don’t offer much support, but they sure are cozy and warm. Cold feet can ruin just about any situation, but if you’re wearing the Styler boots, your piggies are protected thanks to the thick leather upper and wool interior. You don’t even need socks for extra insulation.

The EVA soles mean you can tromp around anywhere; consider them your slippers and your apres snowshoe footwear. From the comfort of your bedroom to the ski lodge bar, these boots are likely to become a winter staple.

They’re available in black, cocoa and sand colors. Go tall for $160 or short for $130. Visit Aussie Dogs online for the company’s “Sale Spotlight of the Week,” which offers Aussie Dogs’ hottest styles at a reduced price. Better yet, win a pair of the Styler boots by doing the following:


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We’ll pick a winner at random. Good luck!


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Whitney Spivey

Whitney Spivey is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she is a freelance writer and editor. She is a three-time New Mexico state snowshoe racing champion, and she placed eighth at Nationals in 2014.

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  • I “Like” Snowshoe Magazine on FacebookL May Kan
    I am a fan of Aussie Dogs on Facebook: May Kan
    Follow @AussieDogsShoes on Twitter: @may_xo

    Would be a dream come true to win Bonzer tall! xxo

  • Freezzzziiiing on cold kitchen/house floor already, so sign me up for a pair of Aussie Dogs Styler Boots

  • My favorite style would have to be either the Tara in cocoa or the Swirl in cocoa or bone, for my future wife! : )

    Although being this is actually for a pair of Stylers, sand or cocoa would be the preferred color.

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